Club ITC Culinaire

A medley of Fine Dining, Living and Fashion, handcrafted for you

As a Yes Private Cardmember, we invite you to indulge yourself, be spoilt for choice and embrace a life that opens a world of infinite experiences. With extraordinary culinary discoveries across a wide choice of cuisines at over 150 restaurants, invigorating luxury stays at over 75 hotels and fashion indulgences at over 80 Wills Lifestyle stores, Club ITC Culinaire has been especially designed to cater to your fine culinary palate and provide experiences that complement your distinguished taste and lifestyle.

Enjoy the following benefits with Yes Private Credit Card membership:

 Name of the Certificate 



 Culinary Delights

 25% discount on food & beverage bill at participating ITC hotel for a maximum of four (4) guests. Not valid for Sunday brunch.  


 Culinary Extravagance 

 50% discount on buffet lunch/dinner for 2 at a participating ITC hotel. Not valid for Sunday brunch.


 Sweet Indulgence

 30% discount on purchase at the gourmet shop at a participating ITC hotel (for purchases of maximum upto Rs. 5000).


 Luxury Sojourns

 20% off on purchase of Welcombreak packages. Bookings to be made through the guest contact center only.


 Fine Fashion

 Gift Voucher for Wills Lifestyle products upto a value of Rs. 750


Grand Total  


Earn Green Points @ 25% on all eligible Food & Beverage spends at ITC Hotels & WelcomHotelsFine DiningAnd we're just getting started. Yes Private Cardmembers get so much more!

  • Enjoy savings of 20% while dining at Fortune and WelcomHeritage Hotels
  • Receive 1,000 bonus Green Points* on every accumulated spend of Rs.25,000 on Food & Beverage *Valid on accumulated Food & Beverage spends of up to INR 1,00,000

Fine Living

  • Earn Green Points @ 5% on all eligible Non-Food & Beverage hotel spends at ITC Hotels, WelcomHotels and Fortune Hotels
  • Enjoy personalised check-in, no extra room charge for accompanying spouse
  • Get 50% off on published room tariff for suites on weekends (nights of Fri/Sat)
  • Receive 500 bonus Green points on completion of 3rd stay*
  • Suite Upgrade Certificate on completion of 5th stay
  • Complimentary Weekend Night Certificate on completion of 12th stay** **Stays to be completed within 12 months from the date of enrolling into Club ITC / Club ITC Culinaire, whichever is earlier.

Fine Fashion

  • Earn Green Points @ 5% on all eligible spends at participating Wills Lifestyle stores
  • Priority on garment availability
  • Doorstep delivery of apparel
  • Complimentary monogramming service
  • Gift Certificate of INR1000 on an annual spend of INR20,000*** ***Spends to be completed within 12 months from the date of enrolling into Club ITC / Club ITC Culinaire Programme, whichever is earlier. Offer valid on the first INR 20,000 annual spend only.

Terms & Conditions

Mastercard and Bank are only facilitating this application of Club ITC Culinaire membership and will not be liable for delivery and fulfilment of the associated offers & services. The date of expiry of both memberships (Primary & Spouse) shall be the same, irrespective of the date of enrolment of the Spouse member.

Membership benefits are not transferable and every membership is valid for 12 calendar months. The Primary & Spouse memberships will be treated as independent memberships. Extending the membership for Club ITC Culinaire program to its Yes Private Credit Card members is at the sole discretion of the issuer.

Enrolling a card member for Club ITC Culinaire membership program is at the sole discretion of ITC Ltd. The list of participating hotels, restaurants and wills Lifestyle stores is subject to change and is at the sole discretion of ITC Ltd. For a complete and updated list of Participating Hotels and redemption Partners please visit

The benefits extended, percentage of Green Points credited and certificate benefits are subject to change and are at the sole discretion of ITC Ltd. Membership to the Club ITC Culinaire programme will be governed by the Terms and Conditions of programme. For detailed terms and conditions covering all aspects of the programme (enrolment, points earning, points redemption, renewal of memberships, participating hotels, etc.) please visit the programme website at . These terms and conditions shall be binding upon all the members.

All Club ITC Culinaire members necessarily receive an active RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) enabled membership card. In-case members want to opt out of this service they are requested to call 1800 103 2482 (toll free) to have the same deactivated.


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