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YES! It’s our BANK

5 C’s Employee Engagement Model

To engage the growing workforce, your Bank follows the 5 C’s Engagement Model viz. Culture, Communication, Career, Connect, and Care. Your Bank ENGAGEs and DEVELOPs Human Capital by disseminating/re-connecting YES BANKers with YES BANK’s core VALUES, by creating an intentional CULTURE, encouraging open and honest COMMUNICATION, strengthening CONNECT with employees and community, supporting CAREER development and showing their CARE as an organization.

YES CLUB FIT – A Wellness Initiative

YES BANK launched an innovative pedometer-based WELLNESS initiative called ‘YES CLUB FIT’ to help further augment the health quotient of YES BANK executives. YES CLUB FIT was designed to help YES BANKers become more active, within the time and space constraints of modern life, via a format that is fun, team oriented and relevant to them.This was complemented with regular sessions on ergonomincs, meditation, zumba and lifestyle management.  This initiative attracted participation from all executives irrespective of age, gender, physical ability and fitness levels.


It is team bonding initiative launched in 2009 with a view to provide YES BANKers a platform to celebrate together, bond with colleagues and share best practices to enhance individual & team productivity. It is implemented in the form of an evening get-together where all executives from the respective branch/office celebrate the spirit of organizational bonding by recognizing and applauding team members who have shown exemplary achievements in their work areas, inviting newly joined executives (of the previous month )with their spouse/family to meet their team, celebrating Birthdays etc.

Special Family events are also organized around popular festivals. A quick review of the month that was, and identifying the focus areas for the month ahead is also one of the major agenda


The Bank institutionalized the YES - MENTOR program in 2006 to provide a platform for Leaders to engage, guide and mentor executives with regard to YES BANK’s Culture, Vision & Values, YES Personality, Institutional Initiatives, Code of Conduct, policies & guidelines.

The key roles & responsibilities of ‘YES Mentors’ are as under:

  • To engage, guide and mentor YBL Executives with regard to YES BANK’s Culture, Vision, Values and Key Organisational messages

  • To ensure adherence to Code of Conduct, YES BANK policies & guidelines.

  • To ensure sensitization of Executives regarding Branch, office upkeep/maintenance and waste management

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