YES Global Institute

YES Global Institute, the practicing think-tank, has been established as a division of YES BANK to focus on India’s sustainable and inclusive socio-economic growth and development.

The Institute believes that India’s economic growth must adopt a low carbon pathway, leapfrogging to a scenario of unique and resource-innovative technology manufacturing, sustainable agriculture and services. We firmly believe that India’s glorious past and rich culture that is anchored in arts, crafts, frugal innovation and diversity must be leveraged to define the country’s growth trajectory along a knowledge driven pathway.

The core focus areas of the YES Global Institute are:

  • YES Culture
  • Social Impact
  • Design Innovation, Creativity led Entrepreneurship (D.I.C.E)
  • Sustainable Investment Banking
  • Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Food & Agribusiness Strategic Advisory & Research (FASAR)
  • Inclusive and Social Banking (ISB)
  • Strategic Government Advisory
  • Renewable Energy
  • Climate Strategy & Responsible Banking
  • Business Economics Banking
  • University & School Relationship Management
  • Smart Cities Advisory
  1. YES Culture

YES Culture, a dedicated knowledge vertical under YES Global Institute, focuses on the promotion, development and conservation of India’s culture by driving heritage financing, advocating research and organizing awareness programs amongst other initiatives.

  1. Social Impact

The Social Impact at YES Global Institute undertakes extensive thought advocacy (empirical research papers, knowledge reports and opinion articles) and outreach to generate momentum for policy reforms. It also works towards bringing in key insights from the socio-economic scenario of developed countries and to localize appropriate solutions for the India context. 

  1. Design Innovation, Creativity led Entrepreneurship (D.I.C.E)

Design, Innovation and Creativity-led Entrepreneurship (D.I.C.E.) focuses on understanding simple yet disruptive innovations which can address critical issues such as lack of infrastructure, discontinuities & inefficiencies in market and develop alternate and implementable measures.

  1. Sustainable Investment Banking

Sustainable Investment Banking (SIB), provides investment and advisory services to organizations operating in the sustainability space, focusing on Renewable Energy, Clean Technology, Environmental Services and Social & Financial Inclusion.

  1. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

MSME at YES Global Institute develops knowledge driven solutions to tackle sector specific challenges such as lack of adequate credit, non-availability of technology, low production capacity, inadequate marketing strategy, bottlenecks and labor costs.

  1. Food & Agribusiness Strategic Advisory & Research (FASAR)

The Food & Agribusiness Strategic Advisory & Research (FASAR) executes strategic projects and policy advocacy for State & Central Government Embassies, Corporate, Small & Medium Enterprises, and Multinationals as well as Multilateral Agencies.

  1. Inclusive and Social Banking

Inclusive and Social Banking (ISB) engages with key stakeholders including financial institutions to promote financial literacy among India’s unbanked population.

  1. Strategic Government Advisory

Strategic Government Advisory (SGA) offers thought leadership, advisory and advocacy services to assist Centre & State Governments, local authorities and allied agencies in achieving their developmental agenda, with special focus on Urban Infrastructure, Industries & MSME, Education & Skill Development, Innovation & Startups, Healthcare & AYUSH and Tourism.

  1. Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy team plays a catalytic role in unlocking innovative financial mechanisms for Renewable Energy and large solar projects.

  1. Climate Strategy & Responsible Banking

Climate Strategy and Responsible Banking at YES Global Institute cuts across all functions of the Institute to steer its sustainable development agenda through innovative pathways of social & development impact, climate action and transparency & disclosures.     

  1. Business Economics Banking

Business Economic Banking is the research and knowledge driven team which provides authoritative, cutting edge macro markets outlook and sectoral research content, both for external and internal consumption. 

  1. University & School Relationship Management

University & School Relationship Management (USRM) provides an ongoing engagement and knowledge sharing platform through several outreach initiatives with select B-Schools, Engineering Colleges and Agricultural Institutes across the country.

  1. Smart City Advisory Group

Smart City Advisory (SCA) focuses on accelerating smart urban transformation with an ambition to achieve inclusive development at the grassroots, by facilitating dialogue on self-sustaining urban ecosystem, innovation nodes and green design to enhance urban living in India.

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