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Reasons Why Online Remittances are Primed to Explode - YES BANK

Inward are made when a person living abroad sends money from abroad to his loved ones back in homeland. Demand for currency transfer services has exploded in the past few decades. Money transfer from various countries to India, increases foreign reserves of Indian economy, thereby proliferating the overall development of the economy. Earlier, various complicated procedures were involved in the process of remittance, which involved rigorous paperwork, long ques, safety concerns etc. But with the advent of technology, online remittance have come into the picture and have made transferring money very convenient.

Remittance services are preferred by NRIs who wish to relegate money back to their homeland. Be it your old parents or friends, be it a festival, occasion, or a medical emergency, YES BANK’s YES REMIT Service is available at your service to transfer money to your loved ones back in the country. YES REMIT offers attractive exchange rates, giving an advantage to NRIs to remit funds in a better way, without having to spend anything extra, which you would otherwise have to spend with other money transfer services. To know more about this service, click here. There are several advantages of using online money remittance services, few of the key ones are listed below:

  1. Safety & promptness: Online remittance also provides added safety as compared to a physical money transfer. A company with a better track record will always provide safer transactions. Also, companies with technologically advanced resources will ensure efficient service and protection. Faster transactions using smartphones and direct account credit has made online remittance much more convenient. Due to hectic lifestyles, people often find it difficult to visit banks in order to transfer money. Owing to this reason the online remittance is gaining popularity at a rapid pace.

  1. Simple procedures: Due to the online shift, the days of complicated paperwork are long gone. For instance, the YES Remit facility from YES BANK has an extremely simple registration process and you can begin to transfer money in no time. Furthermore, online remittance is generally backed with round the clock assistance through toll free numbers.

  1. Cost effective: - In the earlier times, money transfer always involved hefty processing charges per transaction. Although some banks do impose transaction charges on each transfer, YES BANK does not charge any commission for online remittance. Furthermore, YES BANK provides you with superior exchange rates and lets you transfer money online from almost all the countries of the world.

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