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3-in-1 Account - Derivatives

Diversify your investments and get enhanced returns by trading with foreign currencies

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The derivatives market is the financial market for instruments like futures or options contracts, which are derived from other forms of underlying assets.

key attractions


Diversify your investments by trading with foreign currencies.


Importers and exporters benefit by hedging your future payables and receivables.


Currency Derivative give traders the advantage of large trading volumes.

features and benefits

Diversify Your Portfolio

It’s an opportunity for arbitrage - buy low in one market and sell higher in another.

  • The wise have always advised you from putting all your eggs in one basket, and with Currency Derivatives, a whole world of opportunities to diversify your portfolio has emerged.

  • For Exporters/Importers, Currency Derivatives are a great way to ensure payments that are not affected by the volatility of the currency.

  • For Traders, it is a chance to deal with large volumes and opportunities to trade across many currencies.

  • It’s an opportunity for arbitrage - buy low in one market and sell higher in another.

  • You can get loans when you hedge on interest and principal amounts. Since it is monitored by the SEBI, the rates are transparent.

Low Risk Investment

There are a wide variety of products available and strategies that can be constructed, which allow you to pass on your risk.

  • If you have investment in shares for a long term and they are just sitting idle, you could actually take advantage of the price fluctuations and make a physical settlement for short term with Currency Derivatives.

  • Also, if you are a risk-averse investor, you can transfer risk to those with an appetite for risk. Derivatives can be used to enhance safety. If you are a speculator, Derivatives can conduct risky, contrarian trades to improve profits. This way, the risk is transferred.

  • There are a wide variety of products available and strategies that can be constructed, which allow you to pass on your risk.

Trade Across The Globe

At this time you can trade in the US dollar, Euro, British Pound and Japanese Yen.

  • With the YES BANK technology platform, you can trade across the globe, no matter where you are, at your desk or from your mobile.

  • At this time you can trade in the US dollar, Euro, British Pound and Japanese Yen.

  • There are no separate margins in Currency and Equity Trade, so you have all the advantages!

Expert Help

Expert Help From YES Bank

  • Expert Help From YES Bank.

  • Since Currency Derivatives are all about trading multiple currencies, you get an opportunity to stay updated and focused on World Economy, and act upon developments taking place around the world. Of course our experts are here to help you understand the intricacies of the trade.

  • We have uploaded many invaluable papers at the Knowledge Center on the website.

  • We also organise seminars on Foreign Currency Trading from time to time to keep you in the know on the latest trends and developments.

Invest in Currency Derivatives

How Do I Qualify To Invest In Currency Derivatives?

  • Trading in the derivatives market is very similar to trading in the cash segment of the stock markets.

  • You need to fulfil 3 key requisites:

    a. Demat account:

    Your Demat account stores your securities in electronic format. It is unique to every investor and trader.

    b. Trading account:

    You need this account to conduct trades. The account number is your identity in the markets. This makes the trade unique to you. It is linked to the demat account, and thus ensures that YOUR shares go to your demat account.

    c. Margin maintenance:

    This pre-requisite is unique to derivatives trading. While many in the cash segment too use margins to conduct trades, this is predominantly used in the derivatives segment.


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Q. What is the required deposit before trading in Derivatives?

A. Unlike purchasing stocks from the cash market, when you purchase futures contracts you are required to deposit only a percentage of the value of your outstanding position with the stock exchange, irrespective of whether you buy or sell futures. This mandatory deposit, which is called margin money, covers an initial margin and an exposure margin. These margins act as a risk containment measure for the exchanges and serve to preserve the integrity of the market. You are expected to deposit the initial margin upfront. How much you have to deposit is decided by the stock exchange. It is prescribed as a percentage of the total value of your outstanding position. It varies for different positions as it takes into account the average volatility of a stock over a specified time period and the interest cost. This initial margin is adjusted daily depending upon the market value of your open positions. The exposure margin is used to control volatility and excessive speculation in the derivatives markets. This margin is also stipulated by the exchanged and levied on the value of the contract that you buy or sell. Besides the initial and exposure margins, you also have to maintain Mark-to-Market (MTM) margins. This covers the daily difference between the cost of the contract and its closing price on the day of purchase. Thereafter, the MTM margin covers the differences in closing price from day to day.


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