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Safety Deposit Locker

Safety Deposit Lockers

Give your precious valuables the safe and secure shelter they need with YES BANK lockers

Give your precious valuables the safe and secure shelter they need with YES BANK lockers

Safe Deposit Lockers at YES BANK offer you the shelter & security of your valuables. You can now enjoy peace of mind without worrying for your important documents, jewellery and other valuables.


  • Lockers are available for individuals, corporate bodies, associations, societies and trusts holding savings or current accounts with YES BANK.

  • Lockers will not be allotted to MINORs (age< 18 years).

Key Benefits

  • Available across multiple locations, Choice of various sizes of locker – Small, Medium, Large and Extra-large sizes.

  • Enjoy preferential rates basis relationship value
  • Locker can be opened even in non-home branches

  • Enjoy extended banking hours as well as unlimited access to the locker
  • Auto rent payment facility on rent due date through your linked Bank Account.

  • Nomination facility available 

  • State-of-the-art security features, latest burglar alarm systems.

Fees and Charges

A. Annual Rental:

Locker Size

Annual Locker Rental ( in Rs.)



Upto Rs. 4,500



Upto Rs. 10,000



Upto Rs. 20,000



Upto Rs. 32,000


  • GST (as applicable) will be levied on Locker Rentals charged to customers.

  • For preferential rates kindly get in touch with your RM or visit Branch.

  • Locker rent is charged annually and rent is payable in advance.

  • Annual rent collected will NOT be refunded to the customer on surrender.


Note: Allotment of locker is subjected to availability. Please visit/ contact your nearest branch for more details.


B. Other Charges

  • Key Lost by Customer:

Charges applicable for Locker break-open will be recovered from the customer (on actuals)


  • Locker break-open charges:

Charges for Locker break-open will be Rs. 5,500 plusGST (extra) for the purpose of Security FD calculation. During break open, actual charges as shared by the vendors will be recovered from the customer.


  • Forced Break-open of Lockers:

Charges applicable for Locker break-open will be recovered from the customer. Additionally, for storage of content recovered from forced break-open of Lockers, double the locker rent applicable for his/her locker will be recovered


  • Franking Charges:

Applicable franking amount to be recovered as per respective State Stamps Act Charges applicable for Locker franking & related expenses will be recovered from the customer.


  • Security Deposit for Lockers:

As per guidelines issued by RBI, security deposit equivalent to three years rent plus locker break open charges (plus applicable GST) will be marked lien. The same shall be removed on closure of locker services

Locker FAQ’s

  1. Documents required for availing the locker facility?

For Existing customer – ID proof and Photos.

For New Customer – Complete KYC document as per extent guidelines of the Bank.

  1. Can one avail locker facility jointly?

Yes, Locker facility can be avail jointly. There can be a maximum of 4 joint Locker hirer(s).

  1. Is it mandatory to have a Savings/Current account with the Bank?

Yes, it is mandatory to have a Savings/Current account with the Bank.

  1. Can I avail locker facility with Non Yes Bank customer in joint capacity?

Yes, a complete KYC documents of NON Yes Bank customer as per extent guidelines of the Bank to be submitted at the time of locker application.

  1. Can I avail locker facility in any other branch i.e. non home branch?

Locker facility can be availed in any branch irrespective of your home branch.

  1. What are the timings for locker operations?

You can plan your visit and access your locker on all working days during banking hours.

  1. How often do I need to operate the locker?

You are required to operate your locker atleast once a year.

  1. Is a nomination facility available for lockers?

  • Yes, a nomination facility is available to Individuals /Joint hirers of Safe Deposit Lockers.

  • Nomination in favour of a minor (< 18 years) is permissible with appointee.

  • The cancellation / modification of the nomination can be made by the sole hirer or the joint hirers of a locker at any time during which the locker is under hire, duly authorised by all the locker holders.

  • Nomination is not permissible under the following circumstances: In favour of a corporate body/ firm/trust/association/society or any identity other than an individual.

  1. What if I lose the key?

Please report to the branch immediately. Branch will guide you on the further course of action.

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