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YES BANK introduces YES SAMPOORNA Loan Against Property to fulfil your needs.

YES SAMPOORNA LAP is a comprehensive solution to achieve your business or personal requirement with loan amount starting from INR 5 lacs to INR 50 lacs. Self-Employed Professional, Non-Professional & Salaried customer can now avail LAP to realize their dream. Experience the power of YES SAMPOORNA LAP to accomplish your goals.

Schedule of charges

Interest Rates

key attractions


Loans starting from Rs 5 lacs and Rs 10 lacs for Salaried and Self-employed customers respectively.


Hassle-free Balance transfer with additional Top-up loan facility.


Minimum documentation for quick turnaround time.

features and benefits

Higher Eligibility

  • Longer Tenure of up to 15 years

  • Various Assessment methods to suit customer profile

Wider Acceptance of Collateral & Profiles

  • Collaterals such as Residential, Commercial & Industrial property are acceptable

  • Loans provided to customers with formal, semi-formal & informal income

Customized Solutions

Solutions tailored to suit personal & professional financial requirements


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Q.1 What are MICRO LAP Product Offerings?

- LAP (Loan against Property) against-

     Residential (Self-occupied)
     Commercial Property
     Industrial Property
- LCP (Loan for Commercial & Industrial Property Purchase)


Q.2 What is a Term Loan?

A term loan is that which is repaid in regular installments (EMI) over a set period of time & tenure can be up-to 15 Years.


Q.3 What kind of properties do you finance?

We finance properties subject to our banks internal policy norms which are subject to review and change from time to time. 
     - Fully constructed residential, commercial & industrial properties
     - Freehold / Govt. Leased (having permission to mortgage) with a clear & marketable title.


Q.4 What is the minimum & maximum tenure and quantum of loans granted in Micro?

Our loan tenure ranges from 12 months up-to 180 months subject to of the bank’s internal policy  with respect to the age of borrowers at loan maturity.  Minimum loan amount is INR 5 Lacs for Salaried/ INR 10 Lacs for Self-Employed and maximum loan amount can go up-to INR 50 Lacs depending upon your repayment ability. These threshold limits are subject to the banks discretion and internal policy and are subject to change from time to time.


Q.5 What is the financial criteria for availing the facility?

Loan eligibility is calculated basis assessment of borrower’s financial statements, cash flows, Banking, Repayment track Records


Q.6 How much would you be able to finance against my property?

The amount of the loan is subject to your repayment capacity, the nature /occupancy type and the market value of the property provided by you as a collateral to the bank. The market value of your property will be appraised by the bank. Loan can be availed  up-to 70% for a residential property & up-to 50% of a commercial property provided by you as collateral.


Q.7 What are your current Interest Rates?

Our rate of interest are floating  and is benchmarked to the applicable External Benchmark Rate (EBR) as on the date of your loan approval & disbursal. Interest rates charged are also subject to the banks overall risk assessment of the borrower, quality of collateral & income assessment. For more info please refer to the rates and charges section.


Q.8 What is External Benchmark Rate (EBR)?

Floating rate loans extended by banks with effect from Oct 01, 2019 shall be linked to External Benchmark Rate (EBR).  Accordingly, YES bank has linked floating rate loans to6M Certificate of Deposit (CD) Rate as it’s EBR. Current EBR rates for the bank are updated on our Bank’s website. Spread will be charged over and above External Benchmark Rate to arrive at the final lending rate. The rate will be reset once in 3 Months.


Q. 9 Does the property need to be insured?

Property insurance is mandatory in order to protect against uncertainties and calamities during the tenure of the loan. For Residential properties, the insurance cover needs to be for a minimum of 5 years and for Commercial properties, the insurance needs to be renewed annually or as per the prevailing policy of the bank


Q.10 What are the age norms to avail the facility?

Below are the age norms that the facility is subject to-

Profile of the borrowers
Minimum Age at origination
Maximum Age
23 years
65 years at maturity or age of retirement whichever is earlier
Property Owner
18 years
70 years at application OR 85 years at maturity


Q.11 What is the minimum business vintage and stability required to avail facility?

Minimum 3 years business proof is required. Further the stability at same address should be minimum 2 years either for Residential or Business address.


Q.12 What is the minimum employment tenure for loan to a salaried person?

Minimum 2 years for a salaried person to avail the facility.


Q.13 Do you provide funding to NRI profile under salaried assessment?

Person working as offshore merchant navy will be treated as NRI. Following conditions are to be adhered in case of Non-resident Salaried Individual-
     Bureau record for foreign country wherever applicable.
     HR confirmation from foreign employer.
     Non-Financial Co-applicant/guarantor required in NRI cases.
     The guarantor to be residing in RB(A) approved locations


Q.14 Would there a facility where my existing loan is taken over?

Yes, existing loan can be taken over with additional top-up subject to eligibility norms as per bank policy.


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