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Healthcare & Printing Equipment Loan

Healthcare & Printing Equipment Loan

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YES BANK provides you comprehensive financial solutions to take care of your funding requirements for Healthcare Equipments. We provide flexible, convenient loans for Doctors, Hospitals, Diagnostic Centres, Nursing Homes, Trusts, Societies and limited Companies. With loan amount upto 15 crores and tenure upto 84 months, we provide you complete solutions to take care of your financial needs while you provide world quality healthcare services.

  • Two years income tax returns with computation of income, audited balance sheets and profit & loss account

  • List of owned Equipments

  • Six months bank statement

  • Repayment track records

  • Financial ratios such as TOL/ATNW, DSCR, receipts , cash profit, ABB/EMI, FCF/EMI etc.

  • Relevant Business Experience

To achieve and maintain productive healthcare facilities, we, at YES BANK, provide you with all the necessary financial support. Visit our website or your nearest YES BANK branch to apply for the required Healthcare and Printing Equipment Loans.


Other than Healthcare equipment finance, We also provide equipment loans to machines used in below industries

  • Printing & Packaging Equipment Finance

  • Industrial Equipment Finance

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key attractions


Tailor made solutions

Comprehensive Product Suite


Superior Turnaround Time


Specialized Relationship Managers

Feature & Benefits

Term Loan Plans

Term loan for purchasing of new and refurbished medical equipments and new Industrial, Printing & Packaging equipment

Import LC

Import LC for import of high end healthcare, Industrial and Printing & Packaging equipment

Collateral Free Loans

Collateral Free Loans* where the Asset Funded is the primary collateral.

*Credit at sole discretion of YBL

Higher LTV value

Loan to value of up-to 85% of the Asset cost.

High Loan Tenure

Higher Loan tenure of upto 84 months.

Quick Turn Around Time

Special Product program for Loan amount up-to 100 Lacs.


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Documents Required

  • Pre-Approval Documents:-

  • Duly filled application form.
  • KYC of the applicants and co-applicants.
  • Income Documents/Last 2 years audited financials
  • Bank Statement for last 6 months.
  • Experience proof
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Other viability related details
  • Post-Approval / Pre Disbursement Documents

  • Loan Agreement duly signed.
  • Post Dated Cheques (PDCs) / ECS Form / Standing Instruction(SI) Request with security PDCs as applicable
  • Margin Money Receipt

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Q. What is the minimum and highest Loan Amount?

A. Loans are offered from 10 lacs to 1500 lacs under healthcare Finance and from 10 lacs to 800 Lacs for printing equipment finance.


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Healthcare, Industrial and Printing Equipment Loans at YES BANK

Specialised equipment in Healthcare, Industrial and Printing & Packaging industry are crucial for providing better healthcare and help MSME’s especially manufacturers and job workers to procure machines as per their Job requirement. As the equipment and facilities can be expensive to purchase during the initial stages of such establishments, most doctors and medical/para-medical organisations, including MSME/Industrial segment and Digital/offset/Packaging sector tend to look for loans.

Our Retail Assets Banking team at YES BANK understands the seriousness and dedication of the above mentioned industries and we believe it is of the utmost importance to provide you with the best financial solution by facilitating you in providing quality healthcare and building MSME’s

We have designed our specialised loans for the healthcare, Industrial and Printing industry with attractive interest rates and long-term repayment options to overcome any financial hurdle you may face concerning your medical facility.

Your requirement could be of any equipment or upgrades related to the same. YES BANK’s range of loans assists you in providing quality healthcare, Industrial and Printing loans as per your job specific machine requirements. Our specially-trained relationship managers provide assistance to discuss the best financial plan to suit your requirements regarding our Healthcare, Industrial and Printing Equipment Loans, all processed with minimum paperwork.


Key Attractions of Healthcare, Industrial and Printing Equipment Loans from YES BANK:

Customized Solutions

Healthcare, Industrial and Printing equipment Loans from YES BANK are tailor-made to highly specific solutions depending upon your requirements.

A wide range of products is supported including personalised packages, such as equipment financing, working capital or franchise/Dealer financing. While equipment financing deals with the simplest package that includes loaning money to buying equipment(s), and/or its upgrades, working capital includes an entire ecosystem of a medical facility in a standardised form followed by the franchise. Working capital can be utilised in any necessary manner to tackle any unexpected monetary situation or management related funding.

Quick Response

At YES BANK, we not only understand your financial requirements, but we also give equal preference to the response time. Our skilled and experienced loan representatives are keen professionals focusing primarily on quick responses. Our efficient and superior turnaround time enables you to continue providing facilities without worrying about the paperwork or other loan-related documentation at your end.

Dedicated Relationship Manager

When it comes to reliance, YES BANK’s dedicated relationship managers assist you in every way possible when applying for a Healthcare, Industrial or Printing Equipment Loan. Our specialised loan managers are at your service as and when you require their assistance. Visit our website or any of your nearest YES BANK branches, where our relationship managers are present to cater to your requirement-specific queries and loan processing.


Features and Benefits of Healthcare, Industrial and Equipment Loans from YES BANK:

  • Term Loan Plans: YES BANK provides you with term loans to purchase new and refurbished medical equipment and new Industrial and Printing equipment.

  • Import LC/Buyers Credit: YES BANK offers you suitable import LC/buyers credit to enable you to import high-end healthcare, Industrial and printing equipment.

  • Collateral-Free Loans: With funded asset as the primary collateral, you needn’t worry about funding your healthcare, Industrial or Printing equipment

  • Higher LTV Value: Receive loan to value of up to *85% of the asset cost.

  • High Loan Tenure: Depending on the type of asset and loan, tenure goes up to 84 months

  • Quick Turn-Around Time: We, at YES Bank, offer you a special product program for a loan amount of up to INR 100 lakhs under Healthcare and upto INR 50 lacs under Industrial equipment loans

While offering you the best-in-business loan features, there are several benefits for relying on YES BANK for your Healthcare Industrial and Printing Equipment Loans:

  • Expertise: Reap benefits of our years of fruitful experience in the banking and loaning sector that makes us experts you can rely on.

  • Flexible repayment tenure and EMI options: Receive best-in-business EMI options and flexible repayment tenure of up to 84 months depending on type of loan and asset

  • Comprehensive Solutions at Competitive Price: YES BANK provides comprehensive and customised loaning solutions at best-in-class prices for balance transfer from other financial institutions.

  • Easy Processing: We, at YES BANK, treat your requirements as our top-most priority. Enabling an easy processing of your required loan is our goal.

  • Minimum Documentation: We aim at a hassle-free processing, which goes hand-in-hand with less paperwork.

Eligibility Criteria

Our Healthcare Industrial and Printing Equipment Loans are available to self-employed doctors, hospitals, diagnostic centres, nursing homes, and customers to Industrial, Printing & Packaging industries especially MSME’s


The following documents are required to apply for a Healthcare, Industrial and Printing Equipment loan at YES BANK:

  • Two years’ income tax returns with computation of income, audited balance sheets and profit & loss account

  • List of owned equipment

  • Six months’ bank statement

  • Repayment track records

  • Financial ratios such as TOL/ATNW, DSCR, receipts, cash profit, ABB/EMI, FCF/EMI, etc.

  • Documents proving relevant business experience

To achieve and maintain productive healthcare facilities, we, at YES BANK, provide you with all the necessary financial support. Visit our website or your nearest YES BANK branch to apply for the required Healthcare, Industrial and Printing Equipment Loans.

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