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YES BANK’s NRE Fixed Deposits offers you assured high returns on your rupee investment in India.

Eligibility: NRIs and PIOs

  • NRI’s – Non-Resident Indians: An NRI is an Indian citizen who resides outside the country:

    • For employment or business; or

    • People staying outside India for an uncertain period; or

    • Is an official deputed by Government / Public Sector in abroad

  • PIOs – Persons of Indian Origin

    • Held an Indian Passport at any point of time

    • Either of his/her parents or grandparents was a citizen of India

    • A spouse of a PIO / Indian citizen

key attractions

Higher Returns

Earn up to 6.25%p.a.

Low Deposit Amount

Open an NRE FD with as little as INR 10,000


Tenure starting from 1 year onwards

features & benefits

Earn More

Earn attractive interest rates* on your YES BANK Deposit Account

  • Earn up to 6.25% p.a.*

  • Interest earned on NRE Fixed Deposit are exempt from tax in India

*For latest deposit interest rates please click here

Please contact your RM/ Branch for Interest Rates for NRE FD values equal to or above INR 2 Cr.

More Convenience

Open an NRE FD with minimum deposit amount of INR 10,000

  • Open an NRE FD with as little as INR 10,000. FD tenure ranges from 1 year to 10 years

  • Principle and interest are fully repatriable

  • Automatic Renewal of your deposits

  • Monthly/Quarterly interest payout option available

  • Nomination Facility available

  • Avail overdraft facility up to 90% of your deposit value

Digital Fixed Deposit Booking

Avail the facility of booking FD online

Flexibility of booking NRE FD through digital channels - YES ONLINE, YES Mobile and YES ROBOT.

other benefits

View our hosts of other benefits

  • Our anywhere banking facility allows you to bank at any of our branches during your visit to India

  • Easy account funding through our alliances with correspondent banks worldwide

  • Our Net Banking and Mobile Banking facility offers you 24-hour access to your account while ensuring highest level of security

  • Enjoy a host of Banking Services through Yes ROBOT, your 24*7 Personal Banking Chat Assistant

Yes Rewardz

Earn reward points with our best-in-class loyalty Rewardz platform at every step of your banking journey

Click Here for more details.


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Documents Required

  • Promotional Offer for GIB 2019-20
  • Interest Rates
  • GIB Schedule of Charges
  • Documents Required for Account Opening


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