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NRI Savings Account

NRE Savings Account

NRE Savings account

What is NRE Account?

NRE stands for Non-Resident Rupee account which is an account...

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NRO Savings account

NRO Savings Account

What is NRO Account?

In a nutshell, NRO Savings Account...

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Seafarer Savings Account

SeaFarer Savings Account

The YES BANK seafarer savings account offers you superior services and exclusive privileges, giving you complete...

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Portfolio Investment Schemes

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Qualified Individuals NRI

Qualified Individuals NRI

About International Finance Services Centre Banking Unit (IBU)

IBU Branch of YES BANK...

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Moving out of India? Take your bank along with you!

We, at YES BANK, understand your need for a comprehensive NRI banking solution. NRIs can open an NRE and/ or NRO savings account and continue saving in Indian currency.

YES BANK NRE and NRO Savings Accounts come with the convenience of easy access to your money and innovative financial solutions backed by expert advice which in return takes care of your banking and savings requirements.

What is a Savings Account?

A savings account is the most common form of an interest-generating deposit account which is held with a bank or NBFC that provides a reasonable rate of interest for money deposited into the account by the customer.


Why should you open a savings account?

A savings account is a safe way to store money while earning interest on the money deposited. It is easy to open and operate. Having a savings account makes the money easily available to you. Thus, your savings account also serves as an emergency fund.

Commonly known features of a savings account:

  • Save your money: It is advisable for customers to keep money in Savings Account so that they earn at least a minimum amount of interest from the funds earmarked for their day to day expenses.

  • Quick access and easy withdrawal: Savings accounts are also one of the most liquid forms of investment this means, while you are saving and making sure your money grows, you also have easy and direct access to it, in case of emergency or any other need.

  • With a savings account, one gets access to Debit Card and Digital platforms such as Mobile banking & Net Banking which enables a person to enjoy cashless transactions.

  • Funds for a rainy-day: As a rule of thumb, financial experts recommend that customers have enough savings in their rainy-day fund to be able to cover three-six months of bills. However, it is important to note that several analysts recommend keeping excess money in higher interest generating Savings accounts.


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NRI Savings Account

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