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Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS) enables NRIs to invest in the secondary capital markets in India within the regulatory framework of the RBI.

Through PIS, NRIs can invest in shares or convertible debentures sold or purchased of Indian Companies on repatriation basis through a registered stock broker on a recognized stock exchange.


Eligibility: NRIs and PIOs holding an NRE account with YES BANK

  • NRI’s – Non-Resident Indians: An NRI is an Indian citizen who resides outside the country:

    • For employment or business; or

    • People staying outside India for an uncertain period; or

    • Is an official deputed by Government / Public Sector in abroad

  • PIOs – Persons of Indian Origin

    • Held an Indian Passport at any point of time

    • Either of his/her parents or grandparents was a citizen of India

    • A spouse of a PIO / Indian citizen

key attractions


Choose from the wide range of recognized Brokers on the YES BANK panel


No minimum balance required to open PIS account

features & benefits

Minimum Balance

No minimum balance required to open NRE PIS Account

Low Cost Transactions

Low cost transactions and seamless reporting and compliance to RBI

24-Hour Net Banking

24-hour Net Banking facility with online transfer of funds from NRE to NRE PIS accounts and high security access to your account.

Multiple Brokers

Flexibility to opt for Multiple Brokers and enjoy variety of benefits offered by them

Day End Balances

Day end balances sent to brokers to set trade margins

Anywhere Banking

Free anywhere banking facility for banking at any of our branches during your visit to India

Account Funding

Easy account funding with correspondent banks worldwide

Fees & Charges

PIS Issuance Charges: Nil

  • PIS Issuance Charges: Nil

  • Transaction Fees: INR 150 per contract note (irrespective of transacted quantity or value)

  • Annual Account Maintenance Fees: INR 500

Please contact your RM/ Branch for differential pricing offers. For complete details of charges, click here.


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Documents Required

  • Notice to NRI Customers Availing Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement


Most of the Indians associate investing in the share market with high risks and huge losses. Although it is true that the share markets are volatile in nature and entail a certain amount of...

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