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Find Out Top Reasons for Investors to Consider Fixed Deposit for Their Portfolio |YES BANK

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One of the most important parts of building a financial portfolio is deciding which market instruments to invest in? Which assets and investment tools would best fit your needs and provide substantial returns at a preferred risk appetite? One most important thing in portfolio building is the need for diversification. If your portfolio is adequately diversified, your risk is spread across various instruments and avenues, which eliminates a single point of loss. One such investment that helps you balance portfolio risk is a Fixed Deposit (FD).

What is a Fixed Deposit?

An FD is a safe investment tool offered by banks and non-banking finance companies. FDs offer a guaranteed return, without affecting the basic principal. FDs are not impacted by market fluctuations. Hence, they are a great investment choice.

So, if you are a first-time investor or a long-standing one, should you consider an FD for your portfolio?

Reasons to Include Fixed Deposit in Your Financial Portfolio

  • Safety of investment capital: The market is always fluctuating. While sometimes your market-linked investments could provide major gains, other times, they can also result in significant losses. You could also end up losing your investment capital. However, in the case of FDs, your capital is completely secure. Additionally, you also earn decent returns on investment. This helps to diversify the portfolio risk and ensure guaranteed returns.

  • Assurance of returns: Fixed deposits by credible institutions have a stability rating by credit rating agencies such as ICRA, CRISIL, etc. These ratings are assigned after a comprehensive evaluation of issuer’s credit profile, financial liabilities and market credibility. Hence, you can be sure of no risks or delays in crediting of interest and maturity amount in high-rated FDs.

  • Power of compounding: If you choose to invest in cumulative FDs, you can make the most of the power of compounding. If you start investing in an FD early on, you would be able to reinvest more and earn better because of compounded interest.

  • Flexibility: When investing in an FD, you can choose the tenure of investment. Depending on your financial goals, you can opt for short-or a long-term FD, ranging from 7 days to 10 years.

YES BANK Fixed Deposits for your portfolio

YES BANK’s secure Fixed Deposit options can be a reliable addition to your investment portfolio. Fixed Deposits by YES BANK offer appropriate portfolio diversification while providing security of funds and significant earnings through attractive interest. 

YES BANK’s FDs are very flexible. You can customise them according to your tenure and deposit amount. By investing your money with FD from YES BANK, you can secure your funds against market fluctuations, while allowing them to grow at an attractive rate of interest. The bank also offers higher interest for senior citizens.

Moreover, YES BANK offers complete financial independence by allowing you to maintain your funds in accessible units. With best-in-class interest rates and features, YES BANK’s FDs also offer easy liquidity.

Attractive features and benefits of YES BANK’s Fixed Deposits

  • Assurance of capital and attractive interest rates, allowing significant growth of funds.

  • An auto-renewal option for your FD, allowing you to earn better through the power of compounding. 

  • Overdraft facility against your FD at competitive rates. You can also borrow up to 90% of the FD amount. This helps to enhance liquidity.

  • Tax benefits with YES BANK’s five-year, tax-free FD, enable you to save on taxes and also earn equal interest like regular deposits. 

  • Easy accessibility of funds from any of YES BANK’s branches across the country.

  • Complete flexibility in terms of tenures, easy withdrawals and flexible interest pay options (compounded or credited). 

  • Complete financial independence, allowing you to break your FD before expiry, without incurring any penalties.

FDs have proven their worth in an investment portfolio for ages. YES BANK’s FDs enable your funds to grow steadily while assuring the utmost safety and assurance of your hard-earned money.

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