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Skin & Hair Care Tips for Holi

The air of excitement, the galore of colors, and the liveliness around, the cheerful faces; there is so much to rejoice with the festival of Holi. Vibrant colors, loud music and delectable sweets add on more fun to the celebration. People bond over Holi, forgetting their sorrows and grudges. How much ever you try, you can’t escape without getting colored.  People love to splash colors and douse everyone by saying ‘Bura Na Mano, Holi Hai’. We find this fun too, but how about our skin and hair?

Certainly it’s not tender enough on our skin and hair. But that doesn’t mean we stop playing Holi. There is a solution to it. Some easy tips to follow which can make your Holi experience happier than ever:

Preventive tips before Holi:

  • When colours mix with water, they tend to settle on our skin or seep in through open pores. In order to avoid this, you can apply a thick layer of moisturizer or coconut oil on your face, neck, hands etc. This will make the skin greasy and prevent the colors from settling in deep

  • While we enjoy Holi during the day, the sun keeps shining over us, penetrating through our skin, even causing sunburn. A good sunscreen is the solution to it

  • The chemical in the colours can damage your hair. So it’s better to oil them. Use coconut or olive oil and keep your hair tied. Make a ponytail or twirl in to a hair bun. Avoid leaving your hair open, you can also use a head scarf to protect your hair

Tips after Holi:

  • Try and avoid scrubbing your skin to remove rigid colors. Scrubbing will damage your skin even more

  • Use lukewarm water to bath. Very hot water will dehydrate your skin and can lead to rashes or irritation

  • Cleansing milk is the best to remove hard colors. Apply it on your skin and leave it for 3-5 mins, then wash it off with lukewarm water

  • Don’t miss out on moisturizing your skin after a bath and help your skin heal

  • Color particles can settle on your hair locks, causing it to damage and open hair can get messed up while playing Holi. So avoid brushing/combing your hair when colored or wet, they may break

  • While washing your hair, first rinse it with plenty of water to do away with dry colors. After this use a mild (possibly herbal) shampoo, massage you scalp gently with it and then rinse it off

Wondering, how many things to do after a tiring day of Holi?

Don’t feel stressed; instead ease your stress with some real classy and rejuvenating Spa treatments. Nothing like the feeling of getting pampered at a Salon and Spa! From body massage to clean up to Hair Spa, there is so much you can get done to make your skin and hair breathe better after a Happy Holi.


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