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Overview on Flexible Fixed Deposit Account online|YES BANK

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  • YES BANK believes in helping you save for the future. That is why we bring you our flexible fixed deposit scheme with various tenures and deposit amounts that can be decided as per your convenience.

  • A fixed deposit is a great way of inculcating the habit of saving. It allows you to set aside a certain sum for a fixed tenure on which you accrue attractive interests that can serve as additional income.

  • It is also a safer form of investment when compared to stocks or shares as there is no risk involved and you are assured of a fixed return.

  • YES BANK provides a convenient reinvestment option of your FD, which directly reinvests the sum accrued into the scheme once your tenure expires.

  • The rate of interest on your Fixed Deposit depends on the tenure, the amount deposited as well as whether or not you’re a senior citizen.

  • YES BANK offers one of the most attractive interest rates on Fixed Deposits with Senior Citizens receiving an additional benefit of 0.5%^ on the interest rates (Applicable on Fixed Deposits, less than INR 1 Crore) . Click here to know the rates.

  • If you wish to calculate the total amount or the interest you will receive at the end of your fixed deposit tenure, you can use our online fixed deposit calculator to learn the same.

  • Interests on FDs are payable quarterly, compounded quarterly, or monthly at a discounted value as well.

  • If you wish to deposit an amount of INR 1 crore, you can contact us or visit your nearest YES BANK branch to discuss your deposit further.

*Special Rates applicable. ^Terms & Conditions apply.


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