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Interest Rates on Gold Loan

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Interest Rates on Gold Loan

In times of high inflation and market volatility, gold is often thought of as an excellent asset.

  • Not only does gold provide stable returns, but it also holds immense mortgage value.

  • In a high-interest rate environment, interest rates for gold loans are lower as compared to other types of loans.

  • More and more people today are securing gold loans to finance education, buy a car or pay off other personal loans.

  • Both in rural and urban areas, people are increasingly opting for gold loans instead of personal loans.

  • When compared to personal loans, gold loan interest rates are significantly lower.

  • Widely used as a means of raising funds for urgent requirements, the rates of interest on gold loans are dependent on the safety margin for the lender, as opposed to personal loans that attract a fixed interest rate. Thus, pledging more jewellery for the same loan amount attracts lower interest rates.

Gold Loan with YES BANK

  • At YES BANK, you can avail a Gold Loan from us with ease, irrespective of your credit history and without any guarantor or co-borrower.

  • In the case of emergencies where you need instant cash, you can quickly secure a Gold Loan with us through a hassle-free process and minimal documentation.

  • The repayment of the loan is structured between the interest and the principal amount.

  • This structure means that the principal can be paid in a lump sum at loan maturity and the interest amount can be paid to the bank in the form of EMIs at regular intervals.

At YES BANK, not only is the gold loan application process as seamless as it can be, but your gold also enjoys 24*7 security at our vault safes. To add to it, we provide gold loans at attractive interest rates, making borrowing against gold a smooth experience for our customers.

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