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Gold Loan Eligibility Process

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Eligibility to Apply Gold Loan

Gold is the asset class of choice for millions of Indians looking to park their funds in a safe investment. Gold is also one of the best assets to possess in times of market volatility.

  • It offers high liquidity and is thus counted on for times of financial need.

  • It can be either sold off or used as security to secure a loan against its monetary worth.

  • Several people are taking to opting for a gold loan owing to their ease of access, minimal documentation requirements, and wide availability.

  • And not just customers in rural areas, but also those in urban areas are becoming open to the idea of securing a loan against gold jewellery.

  • YES BANK brings you an easy option to meet your financial emergencies through its gold loan scheme.

Eligibility Criteria for a Gold Loan from YES BANK

  • Any individual between the ages of 18 and 65 is eligible to apply for a gold loan from YES BANK, provided they are in possession of the jewellery that will serve as security for the loan.

  • Applicants must also prove their income is sufficient to repay the loan.

  • YES BANK also charges a small processing fee, which is a nominal percentage of the loan amount.  

  • The quantum of loan is determined by the weight of the gold jewellery and its rate per gram that is fixed periodically.

  • Alternatively, it could be based on a certain percentage of the market value of the pledged jewellery.

YES BANK provides doorstep service for the documentation process. An important feature of YES BANK gold loans is that we offer gold loans at attractive interest rates, with no requirement of guarantors or co-borrowers.

You can find out more about the eligibility criteria for securing a gold loan by visiting your nearest YES BANK branch today.

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