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Fixed Deposit Vs Real Estates - Which is a Better Option? | YES BANK

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An ideal investment portfolio is a mix of low, medium and high-risk investments. Generally, low-risk investments offer lower returns and vice-versa. But, low-risk investment options also assure you of funds and stable returns on your hard-earned money. In this context, fixed deposits (FDs) and real estate have been the two of the most sought after low-risk and stable-return investments. But how will you determine which is the best choice, given your financial goals and monetary situation?

Here are some parameters that can help you analyse, which is a better option between fixed deposit and real estate:

Guaranteed returns: Concerning real estate, people often assume property prices always rise. However, it is not valid. Property value in India did reach its peak once in India (around 2012-2013) but had not been steadily rising since then. The industry has seen soft rises and also epic falls. Hence, no one can guarantee returns. Alternatively, with an FD, your investment principle is secure, and you also earn an assured return on your funds. So, if you want large unexpected gains, invest in real-estate. For secure returns and safety of principal, choose an FD.

Affordability vs Gains: Real-estate demands huge investments, which can cause a significant dent in your pocket. Even with large funds, one cannot guarantee the earnings because of market fluctuations. Ultimately, profit is more prone to risk. However, if successful, you could benefit significantly. On the contrary, with FDs, you do not have to worry about affordability. You can open an FD account with as less as Rs 10,000 and earn secure returns.

Add-on expenses: Real-estate investments are not one-time investments. You pay for an apartment, building, etc. but also have to bear add-on expenses like construction, maintenance, registration, security, and more. These eventually reduce your overall returns. While in case of FDs, you only make one-time deposits with a fixed tenure, as per your choice. The bank offers you guaranteed returns on your investment, without you having to spend anything.

Transparency: Real-estate is often a dark field. With too many stakeholders, complex procedures, strict laws and regulations, you can never be sure of your investment. Also, you do not have secure means to verify your seller or his claims. Whereas, for FDs, the process is transparent. Only financial institutions and banks with a trustworthy reputation offer FDs. You can access their public records, check online reviews, etc. to be sure of the security of your funds. You can use available platforms such as ICRA, CRISIL, etc. to know the rating of your FD issuer. These ratings are assigned after a comprehensive evaluation of issuer’s credit profile, financial liabilities and market credibility.


Why choose YES BANK Fixed Deposits?

Assuring you of the security of your funds and significant earnings through an attractive interest, YES BANK fixed deposits are a good investment choice. YES BANK is a high-quality, customer-centric and service-driven bank.


Attractive features and benefits of YES BANK’s Fixed Deposits

  • Flexible and can be tailored as per your convenience in terms of schemes, deposit amounts and tenure. YES BANK allows you to maintain your funds in accessible units.

  • Security of investment and attractive interest rate earnings that promotes significant growth of wealth. The bank also offers higher interest for senior citizens.

  • An auto-renewal option, where the amount accrued is reinvested in the same scheme upon the expiry of the tenure.

  • Overdraft facility against your FD at competitive rates

  • Loan facility up to 90% of the FD amount.

  • Tax Savings FD options to earn equal interest as regular deposits while saving on taxes.

  • 24/7 accessibility of funds, through internet banking. You can access your funds from any of YES BANK’s branches across the country.


Apply for YES BANK FD online or by visiting your nearest branch. You can invest your funds with YES BANK for the assured financial security of your future.

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