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Eligibility criteria for opening Current Account online or offline |yes bank

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If you’re running a business which needs multiple transactions on a daily, weekly or even a monthly basis, then you must have considered opening a current account. For those who don’t know what a current account is, and how to open a current account, continue reading.

A current account is an account that gives you the freedom to carry on multiple transactions without being charged for the same, which may be the case with savings accounts. However, having a current account is not a prerequisite to running a business, but it’s always advised to have one.

If you are convinced that you need a current account, keep reading to find out the eligibility for opening a current account. Whether you want to open a current account online or offline, the eligibility remains the same.

Eligibility for opening a current account online or offline

YES BANK lets you open a current account online and in-person at any YES BANK near you. You can even call the YES BANK 24-hour call centre to get more details on how to open a current account.

Current account eligibility or who can open current account

  • Resident individual

  • Hindu undivided family

  • Sole proprietorship firm

  • Partnership firms

  • Limited liability partnership firm

  • Private and public limited company

Types of current accounts at YES BANK

YES BANK offers a special three-tier structure for current accounts such as:

  1. Edge Business

  2. Prime Business

  3. Exclusive Business

Edge Business

Prime Business

Exclusive Business

Enjoy all the banking benefits, along with efficient value-added services that deliver more than you expect from a Current Account.

For every growing business, it is essential to have a range of customised services to go along with its Current Account, for handling high transaction volumes

Every established business needs maximum benefits and cost-saving features in their Current Account.

With a lower balance expectation, this product best suited for a new setup or a business with less volume of transactions

Choose from the available value-added services linked to business requirements, to sustain the growth of your business

Choose this premium tier for your business and get the best-in-class services and features to meet all your business needs

Eligible for revision to Prime Business & Exclusive Business during its Life Cycle

Eligible for revision to Edge Business & Exclusive Business during its life cycle

Eligible for revision to Prime Business & Edge Business during its life cycle


Read more about these current accounts as well as all the documents required to open these current accounts here:

In case you have any doubts or need more help for opening a current account, visit a YES BANK near you, you can use our locator to find you're your closest branch:

Alternatively, you can also visit, our website for any other information that you may need.

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