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Digitisation is one of the biggest change noticed in the recent times and also encouraged to a very large extent by the Government post Demonetisation as a part of their Digital India mission which focuses on less-cash economy. Educational Institutes are an important constituent of this mission.

The way educational institutions have transformed in the last few years, it has become a necessity to automate internal processes. Digitizing makes business processes faster, efficient, and easier to conduct. Automated processes create organized cash flow, making the customer's experience better eventually. It is the solution to several discrepancies that make the operational quality go down. We have observed that not just large corporates, but even SMEs and educational institutions are going the digital way, and are working towards building a more ‘organised’ set-up.

Before we get to how your institution can go about digitising itself, here are seven reasons why your business should adopt digital transformation.

  1. Saves time of employees in searching for documents

  2. Costs saved in printing and storing of paperwork

  1. Makes it easier for your employees to collaborate and share documents, thus improving productivity

  2. Enhanced security as a scanned document is trackable document

  1. Safety of documents as paper documents are prone to decay, fire and theft

  2. Saves space

  3. Environmentally friendly as paper usage is low

So if you are convinced about digitally transforming your institution, read more to learn how YES BANK can help you.

Overview of solutions under Cashless Campus

YES BANK would like to be your partner in your journey towards becoming a cashless campus. We follow a customized, diagnostic and prescriptive approach to provide you with the building blocks to develop business efficiencies, generate measurable cost savings, increase visibility of cash flows and significantly streamline operations.

You can offer a range of digitally enabled solutions for your students, employees and vendors, giving them multiple choices and enhanced experiences.

YES BANK’s Cashless Campus Solution offers a great way to completely digitise your processes.’

  • We help institutes move towards completely automated fee collection process with solutions such as E-collect with easy tracking of transactions, POS solutions, API Banking and NACH Mandate for easy access to funds across banks.

  • YES BANK will offer you a unique application called eShiksa that will help your students to make fee payments, CUG cards and e-wallets for on-campus transactions, and an online portal for academic process. Using the same application, the parents of your students can keep a track of their children’s academics and whereabouts and convenient fee payment and easy tracking as well.

  • Now automate staff salary payments with instant disbursement accompanied with alerts, notifications and quick reconciliation

  • For Vendors: Automated Invoice presentation, collections and reconciliation through YES Transact: Invoice Xpress

Keeping ahead of the times is crucial to running a successful educational institution. Digitization is where all organisations are headed. Globally speaking, it is simply a better way of conducting transactions and managing operations. YES BANK’s Cashless Campus solution is the fastest way to organize your processes. Take the first step & SAY YES TO Cashless Campus!

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