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Open Savings Account Online| Complete checklist for opening a Saving Account Online|YES BANK

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A savings account is a requisite for modern-day sustenance. Today, a savings account is not only a repository of funds but also an enormous convenience. You can use a savings account for depositing and withdrawing money, making investments and a myriad of other things that make life much easier. Moreover, by securing your money in a trusted savings account, you can earn a modest interest rate and also safeguard your principal.

Further, with the advancement of digitalization in banking, now you can open a savings account digitally at your convenience. But before you entrust a bank with your hard-earned savings, you should conduct an in-depth check of these parameters:


What should you know before opening a Savings Account Digitally?

  • Interest rate: Compare the savings account interest rate of different banks before you open a savings account. It is good to choose a trusted bank that offers an attractive interest rate. Do not opt for a bank that does not have a good reputation and only a high-interest rate. Also, check if the interest rates are promotional, short-term or long-term. Opt for a long-term return rather than a promotional one, which will expire in some time.

  • Interest rate calculation: Also assess how the bank calculates the interest rate. Ideally, a bank that compounds interest daily helps your money grow faster. Online calculators make it simple to figure out what your money can earn overtime.

  • Fee: Read all terms and understand the various fees charged by the bank. Usually, banks levy a maintenance fee or charge you a penalty for not keeping a minimum balance, etc. Choose a bank with minimum fees.

  • Advanced banking solutions: Opt for a bank that offers advanced solutions, making banking easier. Preferably, your bank should permit online transactions, provide email and phone alerts, mobile app, etc. Also, the website of the bank should be user-friendly and easy to navigate.

  • Customer support: Assess how the bank provides customer help. Better customer support leads to a better bank-user relationship. Support through phone, email and live online chat works well in this domain.

Secure your funds with YES BANK Savings Account opened digitally 

YES BANK enables you to secure your funds in its Savings account. This account is fast, accessible, secure and paperless. The savings account provides you with an opportunity to earn attractive interest rates.

Having a YES Bank Savings account is simple and convenient. You can simply show your original documents to the bank staff over a video call. Thus, it is possible to do a video KYC and start your account in a short while.

Coupled with many interesting onboard offers and a virtual debit card, securing your savings with YES BANK will be an exceptional monetary choice. Savings Account PRO and Savings Account PRO Plus opened digitally grants more competitive benefits such as:

  • Instant account opening

  • Quarterly pay-out of interest with attractive interest rates on the account balance.

  • A complimentary Virtual Debit Card or Physical Debit Card basis the account variant chosen which can be used to pay for all expenses.

  • Amazing onboard offers, including ₹16,000 + worth offers on activation & onboarding, powered by VISA.

  • Enhanced protection and insurance cover associated with the debit card.

  • Instant and convenient 24x7 internet and mobile banking facility.

  • Free Anywhere Banking at all YES BANK branches.

  • Free withdrawals at YES BANK ATMs across the country.

  • Free RTGS, NEFT and UPI transfers via YES ONLINE and YES Mobile..

  • Virtual Debit Card/ Physical Debit Card for any online shopping and payments, with an intensified daily transaction limit of ₹50,000.

  • Free e-statement facility that helps you keep track of your savings and expenditure.

  • A 24x7 personal banking assistance for queries and assistance in general tasks like create fixed deposits, recharge, pay bills, send money, check balances, etc. 

With the savings facilities of YES BANK, enjoy optimum financial security in addition to features and benefits that complement your financial plans. Open your Savings bank Account online today!


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