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7 reasons why you should digitally transform your business

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Digitisation is one of the biggest changes that have been observed in the economy. Spurred by Demonetisation in November of 2016 and encouraged by various digital payments initiatives taken by the Government, India is slowly but surely moving towards a “less-cash economy”.

The way businesses have transformed in the last few years, it has become a necessity to automate internal processes. Digitizing makes business processes faster, efficient, and easier to conduct. Automated processes create organized cash flow, making the customer's experience better eventually. It is the solution to several discrepancies that make the operational quality of your business go down. We have observed that not just large corporates, but even SMEs and MSMEs are going the digital way, and are working towards building a more ‘organised’ set-up.

At YES BANK, we understood this need of MSMEs and created a unique application called YES TRANSACT: InvoiceXpress, which helps businesses and even organisations such as schools, clubs and residential societies to restructure itself in the digital space.

Before we get to what InvoiceXpress is all about, here are seven reasons why your business should adopt digital transformation.

  1. Saves time of employees in searching for documents

  2. Costs saved in printing and storing of paperwork

  1. Makes it easier for your employees to collaborate and share documents, thus improving productivity

  2. Enhanced security as a scanned document is trackable document

  1. Safety of documents as paper documents are prone to decay, fire and theft

  2. Saves space

  3. Environmentally friendly as paper usage is low

So if you are convinced about digitally transforming your organization, read more to learn how YES Transact: InvoiceXpress can help you.

Overview of YES TRANSACT: InvoiceXpress

It is specifically designed to alleviate the problems faced when managing working capital, invoice presentment, and receivables management for your company.

With InvoiceXpress, managing debtor and working capital cycles become much more efficient, streamlining operations and increasing cash flow. This program also allows you to create online invoices & alerts.



Multiple dealers can access your portal and pay through any one of several payment options, which gives you full control of your working capital management. Receivables are paperless and secured in real time, making the transaction confidential and efficient. Additionally, a complete dashboard of individual paid and unpaid dues with or without an ERP system is possible with YES TRANSACT: InvoiceXpress.

Benefits to Your Business with YES TRANSACT

One of the obvious benefits is the speed that InvoiceXpress will add to your daily transactions and operational management. However, it is also an efficient way to keep track of your capital cycle and debt management. Creating customized invoices and company alerts creates a unique atmosphere for the employees resulting in cohesion and better performance. InvoiceXpress can be incorporated into any existing ERP system if you have one. But, if you do not have an existing system, it serves as a web-based plug-and-play solution. But the ease of transaction is highly beneficial to your customers, and happy customers are the holy grail of business.

Make the Smart Move & Say Yes to InvoiceXpress

Keeping ahead of the times is crucial to running a successful business. Digitization is where businesses are headed. Globally speaking, it is simply a better way of conducting transactions and managing operations. YES TRANSACT: InvoiceXpress is the fastest way to organize your business processes in such a way that you can maximize cash flow while not compromising on user experience.


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