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India ARC Lifts the Coveted YES BANK International Polo Cup

Beats Argentina Arandu 9-6 in a closely contested Match

Mumbai, 19th March, 2016: India ARC beats Argentina Arandu, lifting the YES BANK International POLO CUP, scoring 9-6. The match held on Saturday, March 19, 2016 at the ARC Polo Grounds, Mahalaxmi Race Course was a thriller of sorts. This is the fifth year of the YES BANK International Polo Cup and the fifth consecutive year that the Indian ARC team walked away with the trophy.

YES BANK, India’s 5th largest private sector Bank, partnered with the Amateur Riders’ Club (ARC), one of the oldest and largest private civilian horse riding clubs in India, for the YES BANK International Polo Cup match between India ARC and Argentina.

Hosted by Mr. Rana Kapoor, Managing Director & CEO, YES BANK and Mr. Suresh Tapuriah, President, Amateur Riders Club; H.E. Ch Vidyasagar Rao, Governor of Maharashtra was the Chief Guest at the event. Mr. K P Bakshi, Addnl. Chief Secretary, Govt. of Maharashtra, Ms. Namita Vikas, Group President & Country Head, Responsible Banking & Chief Sustainability Officer, YES BANK and Pralay Mondal, Senior Group President and Head, Branch and Retail Banking, YES BANK along with Ms. Rajshree Birla, Chairperson, Aditya Birla Centre for Community Initiatives and Rural Development gave away the trophies at the prize distribution ceremony.

The other guests included the crème de la crème including Cyrus Poonawalla, Former Miss India Pageant winners Amruta Patki & Parvathi Omanakuttan, Tara Sharma, Brinda Parekh, Delna Poonawalla, Nafisa Ali, Indu Shahani, Roop Kumar Rathod, Rishabh Sinha of Big Boss fame among others.

The event was hosted by actresss Rashmi Nigam and also witnessed a musical performance by artist Reewa Rathod.

Ms. Namita Vikas, Group President & Country Head, Responsible Banking & Chief Sustainability Officer, YES BANK said, "The YES BANK annual international Polo Championship has emerged as one of the premier polo events in India, with the best teams and players competing for the prestigious accolade. Polo is truly the ‘Sport of Kings’ that has gained significant momentum over the last few decades and we at YES BANK truly believe in supporting and promoting sporting activities that showcase our country’s abundant and diverse talent. I am happy to see that ARC is making significant efforts to encourage the sport in Mumbai."

The Argentina-Arandu, Polo Team featured Mr. Marcelo Araya , Mr. Enrique J. Miles, Mr. Benjamin Araya and Mr. Juan Pablo, and the Indian Polo Team featured Mr. Shamsher Ali, Mr. Dinyar Madon, Mr. Salim Azmi, Mr. Dhruvpal Godara, and Mr. Harsh Piramal.

The word 'POLO', is derived from the Tibetan word 'PULU' - meaning ball. It was by this name that the Tibetans played their version of this ancient sport, described by some as being the origins of the game itself. While Polo may have grown to maturity in the Americas, it was in India that the modern game was 'discovered' and nurtured. History records that the ancient Persians knew the sport as 'Chaughan' and played it as far back as 2500 years ago. The Chinese too lay claim to a Polo tradition dating back several thousand years.

YES BANK has associated itself in the sports sphere with Polo and Corporate Golf. Since inception, YES BANK has been supporting the WIGA Senior Citizens Golf Tournament as well as the SWF Interclub Caddies Golf Tournament (CSR golf events), which represents an ideal platform for encouraging inclusivity in sports.


YES BANK, India’s fifth largest private sector Bank with a pan India presence across all 29 states and 7 Union Territories of India, headquartered in the Lower Parel Innovation District (LPID) of Mumbai, is the outcome of the professional & entrepreneurial commitment of its Founder Rana Kapoor and its Top Management team, to establish a high quality, customer centric, service driven, private Indian Bank catering to the future businesses of India.

YES BANK has adopted international best practices, the highest standards of service quality and operational excellence, and offers comprehensive banking and financial solutions to all its valued customers.

YES BANK has a knowledge driven approach to banking, and offers a superior customer experience for its retail, corporate and emerging corporate banking clients. YES BANK is steadily evolving as the Professionals’ Bank of India with the long term mission of “Building the Finest Quality Bank of the World in India” by 2020.

About Amateur Riders Club

The Amateur Riders Club, established in the year 1942 is one of the oldest and largest private civilian riding clubs in India. The Club has a Polo ground and the Club’s activities in respect of Polo are entirely due to the magnanimous efforts of Col. Maharaja Premsingh, the famous international polo player who introduced this game in the club as far back as 1950 . Since then, Polo Tournaments are played year after year at the Polo Grounds at Mahalaxmi Race Course in Mumbai.

The modern game of polo, though formalized and popularized by the British, is derived from Manipur. A polo game has periods of play, known as chukkars (also chukkers). This term originated in 1898 and is derived from the Hindi word chakkar from Sanskrit chakra (wheel). Field polo requires two teams of four players each. Each chukker is played for a period of seven minutes with a 3 minute break between chukkars. The mounts used are called ‘polo ponies’ although the term pony is purely traditional and the mount is actually a full-sized horse. Polo must be played right-handed. Left-handed play was ruled out in 1975 for safety reasons.


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