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Why is Diwali the true Shubh Aarambh for Every Indian?

In a land of over a billion people and seven major religions, it is Diwali that binds us all.

Indians are quite the traditional bunch. We eat curd before heading out for an important event. We burst coconuts upon new and important purchases. We love to meet people but will only enter a home barefoot. And wherever we may be, we close our eyes in silent prayer for a moment if we come across a religious site.

That is the world’s most diverse country for you. A potpourri of gods, religions, cultures, and people that thrives on traditions for commonality. But no other event or tradition binds this nation the way Diwali does.

It’s the festival of many origins. From the north to the south, the east to the west, and even the centre, the origins vary. However, the connotation espoused is simple—triumph of good over evil and a time for new beginnings.


Starting off on a good note this Diwali

New beginning or Shubh Aarambh holds immense value in India. In India, you don’t just launch a start-up or apply for a home loan to buy a home on any day. You begin such acts on auspicious days to ensure their completion and success. That’s why you will see many people take important decisions such as launching a new venture, buying a home, or signing important documents on Diwali. Even the stock markets hold a special Mahurat trading session where token stocks are bought. Everybody wants to start off on an auspicious note.


The Spirit of Welcome and Joy

The entirety of India considers Diwali auspicious because a number of its origins trace to the defeat of evil at the hands of the good. People open their doors and arms to welcome and embrace friends and family. They visit malls and stores, use their debit and credit cards to buy gifts for their loved ones. It’s a time of joy and happiness.

Gifts Galore for the Kids

You will see streets lit up and glowing, diyas at every household entrance—a sign of welcome, and laughter coming from every corner. Young kids run abound in joy for they know a good financial windfall is in sight. They will get a good number of hundred rupee notes from relatives upon their visit. While the kids act as if they don’t want it; inside, they are bursting to take it. But the joy is short-lived for their good old mothers takes the money from them and promise to put all such gifts into a savings account once they turn 18. Only time can tell if that happens.

Diwali transforms the atmosphere on its head. People take vital life decisions, gift to their loved ones, sweets are distributed freely, and the ‘Festival of Lights’ gives one the courage to hope for a better and meaningful future.

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