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What bikes will Game of Thrones characters ride?

The popularity of the HBO’s TV series Game of Thrones has reached new heights. Thus, with such large fandom comes imaginary scenarios that go beyond the expectations of creators. Fans of the show have been known to speculate about what the characters might be like, if they lived in modern times. Therefore, a key question would be what sort of bikes would the characters use for their conveyance. Here are some of the popular characters with their perfect bikes:

Jon Snow

Snow’s character is considered as the main hero, and it is hard to argue on that due to his many admirable qualities. The perfect bike for Jon Snow would be a Royal Enfield. His job in the Night’s Watch requires him to travel to areas with no roads. Hence, a Royal Enfield would be perfect. Also, he has been revealed to be the true king of Westeros. So, a bike that has a ‘royal’ charm would be apt for Jon Snow. However, his tenure in the Night’s Watch did not pay much which would require him to opt for a bike loan.



Tyrion Lannister

The ‘imp’ or ‘half-man’, as he is known, is best described as having a physical build not suited for many bikes. Since his height is quite shorter than average, the best bike for him would be Bajaj Avenger. Not only would the bike be perfect in height, the style would also befitting for a former Hand of the King. While Tyrion had fallen on hard times, and at one point would require a two-wheeler loan, he does not do so anymore. Additionally, being a Lannister, he always pays his debts.

Bronn of the Blackwater

Sir Bronn of the Blackwater has risen swiftly from being a sell-sword to an anointed knight. He is also one of the coolest characters of the show and well-liked among large sections of fans. A Harley Davidson, a symbol of coolness and toughness would be the perfect bike for him. However, he might not be able to afford it as despite rising to become a knight, Bronn is always short on cash. Thus, a visit to the bank would be needed to afford the bike.

Cersei Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen

The first is the most hated character while the latter is one of the most beloved. Both are queens and are worthy of the vehicle befitting queens. A Honda Shadow Spirit, the perfect combination of power and class is apt for the queens.


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