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Traffic Rulebook for Two Wheelers

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Two-Wheelers are one of the most preferred options of transport in India, as in 2017/18, a sale of 20 million two-wheelers was witnessed. There are multiple reasons why Indians prefer two-wheelers, like the fuel efficiency, low cost & maintenance, and high prevalence of traffic in major Indian cities. However, in India, the highest number of accident related fatalities are caused by two-wheelers, mainly due to ignorance of risks and not wearing helmets while driving. While road safety initiatives are conducted by traffic police departments on a regular basis, it is up to the drivers to take care of themselves while driving. By following certain basic guidelines, you can ensure road safety. Read along to find how you can drive safely:


No Mobile Phones

Currently, India shows the highest growth rate in mobile phone sales – nearly 16%. While it is a sign of progress, using mobile phones while driving also poses a huge risk to people. When people communicate on phones while driving or listen to music on-the-go, their attention span decreases. Due to this, accidents can happen easily. To avoid such problems, it is advisable to stop your two-wheeler on the side of the road before taking calls.

Always Wear a Helmet

Sachin Tendulkar has been famous recently for telling people to wear helmets, and it is a precaution you should always follow. Wearing a helmet while driving can reduce the risks associated with driving by up to 88%. A helmet can significantly protect head injury while driving two-wheelers and increase your chances of safety.

Use Horn and Appropriate Signals

It is common driving etiquette to warn other drivers and pedestrians by using a horn. While its over-usage can be considered a nuisance, the correct usage saves millions of lives. Also, using the right side-signals allows other drivers to know about your path, avoiding chances of accident.

Keep Checking Your Rear-view Mirror

Rear-view mirrors are a boon to drivers, as it allows them to see the vehicles driving behind them. While changing lanes or making a turn, drivers should check their rear-view mirror and drive smartly and safely.

While there are risks in driving two-wheelers, they can be very useful, provided that you drive them safely. If you want to purchase a two-wheeler, banks allow you to avail a two-wheeler loan. Two-wheeler loans and bike loans prove very useful in making easy purchase through EMI payments. Nowadays, you can also apply for loan online and get a two-wheeler within your budget easily.


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