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Top NRI Associations in India

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There are a lot of organizations in India that work for the welfare of NRIs. They provide support to NRIs across the globe in various capacities. Some of the avenues in which this support is extended includes parental support for those whose children live abroad, education for NRIs and other services. Below is the list of the top organizations in India that provide these services to NRIs:


The Association of Parents of Indian Residents Overseas provides a single platform for all associations catering to the parents of Indian residents who have shifted overseas. They tend to provide emotional support, entertainment, insurance plan assistance and even vacation activities planning. They ensure that all the requirements of these parents are met through the support given in their community.


NRI Welfare Society of India

This organization in India acts as a bridge between the government and NRIs residing in the country. The primary purpose is to educate NRIs in the country about various investment opportunities that are available to them in the country. Moreover, in their biannual Congress, they also cover several ways in which NRI investments in the country can be improved. This can also lead to an increase in NRE/NRO savings account that are opened in Indian banks every year.

NRI Sabha

NRI Sabha In Punjab is solely dedicated to strengthen the ties of the Punjabi NRIs with their roots. They achieve this by helping them with NRI banking facilities in India. They also help in pursing the interest of NRIs with state and central governments.

Non-Resident Indians Welfare Association

The main objective of the organization is to ensure that they are able to strengthen the relationships that NRIs and PIOs have with their country. Under their various programs, they provide assistance in education, medical facilities, legal redress, real estate investments and many such services.

NRI Parents Association

This association that was started in 1998 is focused on solving the concerns of the parents of NRIs. They hold meetings at regular intervals in which issues that concern most parents in common are discussed. Moreover, these discussions are also focused on addressing the issues faced by their community, so that their lifestyle can be improved.

Returned NRI Association

The organization is based out of Bengaluru and it supports the professionals who have returned back to Bangalore after ending their career overseas. Their community of retired professionals participates in upliftment of the socially and economically backward classes in the villages and communities surrounding them.

NRI Forum

The forum establishes a relationship between Karnataka natives and the ones who have spread out across the globe. The forum mainly assists NRIs with the activities that they need to conduct in the country. This can include establishing a knowledge bank for various programs that can assist their overall development.

All these organizations despite the various purposes they serve, are aimed at one common goal. Their prime objective is to ensure that the NRIs in the country are provided access to all the facilities that are available to them.


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