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Questions To Keep In Mind Before You Invest

Significance of investment

It doesn’t take you to be a millionaire to invest your money. You just need to have an adequate amount of savings. With the increase in our spending, having just a single source of income is not enough. Investment is not just an option but rather a necessity through which you can multiply your money and add a source of income. Before investing, you are faced with various questions such as how much to invest and which securities you should invest in. You can think about the following considerations below, before you rush into any investment decision.

What is the objective of your investment?

First of all, decide why you want to invest. Defining the purpose of your investment largely influences the rest of the steps for investment decisions. Your objective can range from saving for a new home, education funds for your children or planning a retirement. The decision is based on the outcome you aim to achieve.

Know your risk tolerance level

It is important to know that all investments come with a risk. The risk associated may vary on different scales. Determining your risk tolerance level can help you in being prepared for the extreme scenarios. The risk related to the investment is mainly dependent on the type of security you invest in. Securities can be classified into fixed income and variable income securities. The fixed income securities hardly involve any risks; this makes them a safer form of investment. The rate of return is fixed and stable. Variable income securities do not have a fixed rate of return on the investment.

Identify the time frame

Options such as money market instruments, short-term mutual funds, savings account deposits and short-term fixed deposits are generally preferred for short-term investment. For long-term security investments, you can go for equity shares, mutual funds, and long-term fixed deposits. You can also think of the alternative modes of investment such as real estate and precious metals like gold and silver.

Never put all the eggs in one basket!

Diversification of your money is the key to wise investment. It is the art of spreading your money in different modes of investment. Select a combination of variables, fixed and alternative investments. Consider the pros and cons of each option. Determine your suitable risk tolerance level. Identify your time frame. After that, make a sound decision and be your own expert advisor.

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