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Six Promises to Keep in this New Year – 2018

A New Year brings a whiff of fresh air in our lives. No matter the amount of stress that a person is dealing with, all is forgotten when the clock strikes twelve and the New Year begins. One of the most important things that the New Year brings with itself is a new beginning. We promise ourselves to work towards making constant improvements in our life.Here’s a list of promises to keep in 2018 and make this a year full of happiness & prosperity with YES BANK:

Promise #1: Spend More Time with loved ones

Maintaining balance in life is a task. Our hectic work schedule often strips us of available time or the resources that will allow us to make memories with our loved ones. However, with YES BANK credit card offers, you never have to worry about missing your friends and family. Dreaming about a Hong Kong family vacation? Maybe a fancy dinner by the cruise with your soulmate? Treat yourself to quality time with your closed ones using exciting instant discount offers and cashback schemes for Travels and Holidays.


Promise #2: Take a Road Trip

For those who love exploring, going on a road trip sounds like the perfect thing to do in 2018. The entire world is our cocoon and waiting for us to explore its beauty. Furthermore, YES BANK helps you fulfil the road trip with great deals on two wheeler loans. Don’t limit yourself. Grab your keys, and promise to explore more in 2018.


Promise #3: Give wings to Your Children’s Dreams!

For parents, one of the biggest concerns is providing all means necessary to their children’s dreams. Provide more power to your children by giving you the means to do so. Invest in fixed deposit schemes through YES Bank and help your children reach their maximum potential.


Promise #4: Promise a House Makeover

At YES BANK, we understand that after a long day at work, all you need is the comforting welcome of your home. With personal loans by YES BANK, you can treat your house to a makeover and make a better home for yourself and your family!


Promise #5: Promise Yourself a Secure Future

Maintaining one’s accounts is one of the most difficult and important things in life. Promise yourself a bright and secure future this New Year with YES Bank. Open a Savings Account with YES Bank and start earning interest on your savings, thus preparing for the future in the most secure way possible.


Promise #6: Keep All Your Promises

It goes without saying that keeping promises is more important than just making them. The final promise that we need to take in 2018 is to keep all the promises we make to ourselves. Let’s make 2018 a year of fulfilled promises and exceptional achievements!

Happy New Year!


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