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Investment Tips Post Marriage

Marriage is one of the most joyous occasions of someone’s life and requires numerous expenses. However, after the excitement of marriage simmers down, the reality of the future expenses dawns. It is important for married couples to deliberate upon various opportunities for investment and choose wisely. Investments would not only help financially but also the marriage towards blissfulness.

Here are some investment tips post marriage that people should consider.



Savings Account

A joint savings account is the perfect option for married couples. A joint account would aid in keeping track of the expenses made. Moreover, paying joint bills is also made easier while helping in reducing the hassle of transferring money to each other.


Investing in insurance is always considered a good option. It guarantees that an unfortunate event would not dent the financial stability of the household. Additionally, the couples can opt for an endowment policy. An endowment policy is similar to a term plan in which the couples can pay premiums for a certain period of time, commonly till retirement of the policy holder. After the maturity period, the policyholder receives a certain amount from the insurance company, known as endowment. Even if one of the individuals die, the spouse would be entitled to the endowment.


Investing in property is highly recommended. Buying a property after marriage would avail numerous benefits. One of the primary benefits in possessing an asset is that it can be put up as collateral or can be sold if an urgent requirement of fund arises.

Diversified Investments

After marriage, a couple should diversify their investments strategically. They should ladder their investments in such a manner that after some interval they can receive benefits of their investments. The benefits may be in the form of cash or other tax saving benefits. This would allow the cashflow of the couple to be liquid even if their funds are tied up in investments.

Debit Cards & Credit Cards

An important aspect, and often overlooked, is the number of cards that the couple holds. Maintenance of cards becomes increasingly difficult as the number of cards increase. Thus, it is advisable that after marriage, both spouses should discuss how many debit cards and credit cards should they own.

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