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How you can Travel to Europe on a Tight Budget?

Choose an Economic Flight

Picking a budget flight is very helpful to reduce your Europe travel budget. Europe has a couple of budget flights which aren’t very luxurious but take you to places at a very cheap rate. Most of these flights have impressive on-time performances. You can always book tickets with your debit card to have record of flight ticket cost.

Advance Booking of Flights

Booking flights in advance for the trip can give you a huge advantage in prices. The difference in ticket prices can be seen when you book a ticket in two months advance or a week in advance. Using a credit card while ticket booking may give you discount offers or add reward points to it.



You can always find foreign exchange centres at airports or in the city you are visiting. But make sure that you carry enough amount of local currency so that you don’t have to search for a bank at the time of urgent requirements. Using ATMs while travelling is always a better idea than carrying a traveller’s cheque. ATM’s are a faster and cheaper means of obtaining cash.


Hostels are always an economical option for accommodation. Unlike the reputation that hostels have, hostels in Europe are considerably clean and safe. Besides, you have added perks of meeting people of different nationalities and professions when you stay in a hostel.

Travel by Train

Getting the Euro rail pass is a convenient option when you have the trip planned and are staying for a longer time. The Euro rail is available in almost all the cities of Europe but there might be certain exceptions. Trains in Europe are more spacious and comfortable as compared to flights. The added advantage here is that you can always buy tickets at the last minute from the railway station.

Local Walking Tours

All tourist cities and towns have a city walking tour in Europe. The guides or the audio guide on tour introduce all about the place you need to know. Also, these walking tours give you a glimpse of the entire city in one go and help you plan about places worth visiting twice. Taking a city walking tour is the best option when you are staying for a short time period in the city.

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