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How To Maintain Your Car Without Spending A Dime

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Maintaining a car is as expensive as buying it. The costs that are incurred in a car on a regular basis can be minimized if the regular costs are identified and accordingly measures are taken. Listed below are some of the ways in which car maintenance costs can be reduced drastically:

Car Loan Payment

Although the car loan doesn’t directly qualify as a maintenance cost, it still increases the costs you pay for your car every month. One way to reduce these payments is refinance your car loan. There is a possibility that the car loan interest rates would have been very high when you had initially purchased the car. But if you would have observed now, you would know that the interest rates have dropped down marginally. So, it would make sense to refinance your car loan and thus reduce the costs that you incur every month on your car. Refinancing also alters the amount you pay on EMIs along with interest rates.

Car Insurance

A motor insurance  refinancing also saves a lot of money especially if there is a marginal difference between the distance your car travelled on a regular basis when it was bought and now. Generally, car insurance plans cover personal insurance, accident damage or theft, natural calamities and some other factors as well. Switching to an insurance plan that covers more benefits at lesser premium when you are renewing it would be economically more viable if maintenance requirements have decreased.


Constant Check on Fluids and Air

If you do not send your car for service frequently, with some simple steps you can ensure that this doesn’t create a challenge. Keeping the oil and coolant levels as required and checking for air every time you fill the tank are some of the mandatory steps. Constantly keeping a check of vehicle parts that require frequent replacement is also helpful in reducing costs incurred upon damage to any of these parts.

These are some of the steps that you can cautiously take for maintaining your car. However, for hassle-free maintenance for a longer duration, every car owner can refer to the manual that accompanies the car. This manual provides you with maintenance hacks for which you do not have to visit the mechanic.

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