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Gold : Beautiful as Jewelry and Useful as Investment

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Someone said the key to success is to "Buy gold and sit on it". Gold is considered as both, a crucial and beautiful piece of jewellery and also a useful and smart investment. It is one of the best options for investment when you want to encash for quick and emergency funding requirements. Here are a few reasons why you should invest more in gold:


Hedge against Inflation

Gold is an excellent hedge against inflation. It is used as a defence during the decline of the currency, especially, U.S. Dollars. The fall in U.S. currency gives a rise to inflation and import prices. So, as the economies become unstable, an investment in gold ensures that you have an opportunity to encash it in times of emergency. Banks always have some beneficial loan schemes for you to begin with your gold investment.

Increase in Demand

The demand for gold has increased with increasing wealth in emerging market economies. India is one of the largest gold-consuming nations in the world. One of the prime reasons for that being the usage of gold in jewellery for traditional marriage customs. The wedding season in October has the highest demand for gold every year. You can easily opt for a gold loan from a bank and enjoy your big fat Indian wedding when you invest in gold.

Direct Investment

Gold is one of the most suitable forms of direct investment. Many investors earn huge profits during an increase in the price of gold. They buy it as a direct investment which acts as an advantage during future price increase. Some people buy gold because they consider it as a finite valuable substance with numerous industrial uses. Also, gold is held by many governments and wealthy entrepreneurs for direct investment. The scope of its efficiency and ease of trade allows you to handle your gold valuables directly as an investment tool.

Commodity in Crisis

The prices of other currencies might fluctuate now and then, but gold has always maintained a stable valuation across the years. During financial uncertainty such as geopolitical and commodity crisis, gold acts as a safe investment instrument. During financial tension in the world, people usually flee towards the relative safety of gold and value as investment. Hence, it is known as a commodity in crisis.

It is always safe to invest in gold and if you are wondering about the prices, there are several banks which give lucrative gold loans. Even though the price of gold is volatile in short-term, it has maintained its value over long-term. So, go ahead and buy some gold right now!


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