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Exclusive Tips to Save on School Supply Purchases

With the beginning of the new academic year, you are sure to encounter a lot of costs with your children expecting a bunch of new school supplies. Whether it is the new school bag or the stationeries, we have a guide to the shopping list to ensure you can avail maximum discounts with the credit card and debit card purchases.

You Might Not Have to Purchase Everything

There are several times when you would have received a stationery item as a return gift on one of the birthdays that your child attended. Carefully skim through all the treasure boxes at your place, and chances are that you might not need to make that dreaded stationery shop visit after all. You must also learn how to handle the unreasonable requests of your kids.


Avail Discounts through Digital Wallets

By shopping online through e-wallets, you can spend wisely and earn various discounts on all your online purchases. Digital wallets offer easy payment options and UPI facilities as well.


Opt for Sweep-in Facility

With the Sweep-in facility, you are sure to save money by automating the process of your savings. The Sweep-in facility allows you to link your existing Term Deposits to your Savings or Current Account.


Create Specific Investments & Deposits

Purchasing school supplies is a recurring expense. You can automate this process by opting for Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposits and Recurring Deposits specifically for this purpose. These options will allow you to be prepared for future expenses and maximize your earnings/savings. You can create specific term deposits dedicated to school supplies and ensure that you earn the best rate of return.


Check out Online Discount Offers on Credit/Debit Cards

Various credit card and debit card holders can avail up to 10% cashback on purchases across all product categories on various online retail stores. You can be an early bird and shop for exclusive stationery options on various online shopping sites at the lowest prices and avail these additional cashback offers on the discounted prices. However, do confirm that the products you purchase last you long enough to get maximum return on the price of the product.

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