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Best Ways to Carry Money while Traveling Overseas

Managing your finances is one of the most crucial things to consider while traveling. It becomes pivotal to keep your money safe and secure, especially when you are traveling to a foreign land. To ensure that your money is in one of the most secure forms while traveling, there are several ways to carry it with you. Some of the best options include credit cards, debit cards, travel cards etc. Let us discuss about the best ways to carry money while travelling.


Debit Cards


Debit cards are highly convenient for forex in the local currency. They are also generally the cheapest and most convenient way to get cash overseas. So, even if you are in a completely unknown city, you can easily use your debit card in the nearest ATMs and withdraw cash whenever required.


Credit Cards


Credit cards can be safely called universally acceptable transaction modes. Credit cards are value for money since all international purchases are exchanged at the bank rate, thus providing you the best rate on the foreign currency. The foreign currency transaction fee is also minimum on credit cards, making them a lucrative option to carry money for overseas travel.



Prepaid Travel Cards


Multicurrency prepaid travel cards are popular among international travelers since they allow you to carry multiple currencies at the same time. Moreover, the traveler does not have to worry about currency fluctuations when using travel cards.


Money Apps


As the world is moving towards digital solutions, money transfer and payment apps are gaining popularity. Online wallet services such as Google Wallet, Apple Pay or other such options can be used for this purpose. Such e-wallets are beneficial when you want to process small transactions like restaurant bills or taxi fares.


Traveler’s Check


Traveler’s check is another prepaid cash facility which can be used as an emergency backup if one cannot find functioning ATMS on their trip. These are much secure since they can be easily replaced if stolen. In case of an emergency, a traveler’s check is one of the most suitable alternatives.




While all the other digital payment options have their own set of benefits and drawbacks, cash is one emergency fund that you can always carry when you are traveling. While there is no safety guaranteed for your cash, you can always rely on in-hand cash when traveling to remote locations.

Considering all the options available for carrying money overseas, one thing is evident that it is not safe to carry money in just form. A combination of various modes of payment is ideal for travel purposes.

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