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Benefits of Yoga on Mind, Body and Finance

Yoga is the Journey of the self,

Through the Self,

To the self

- Bhagwad Gita


A strong flexible body, glowing and healthy skin, peaceful mind and good health - whatever you may be looking for, Yoga offers it all and much more. While often Yoga is partially understood as being limited to asanas (Yogaposes), Yoga is the art of uniting your body, mind and inner harmony. A combination of health and peace, combined with financial stability, leads to a calmer, happier and fulfilling life.


Yoga, in addition to a routine for the body, is the skill of commanding your breathing patterns and controlling how the body and mind function.It helps in positively influencingyour approach to important decisions in life:


Improved concentration
RegularlypractisingYoga helps you stay centered and focused in everything you do. It increases your ability to focus and improves your memory. Regular practice helps you connect with your real source of energy. Improved concentration is beneficial in all aspects of life. When you are planning your future - of securing it financially, it is important to focus on the “why” of it. Understanding the “Why”gives you clarity on the correct investment instrument to build on your investments.If you aim to maintain liquid funds for immediate use, you can park your money in a Savings Account. However, liquidity and longer term investments are assured by Fixed (or Recurring) Deposit. For higher returns, you might want to apply in Mutual Funds.



The increasing impatience, especially amongstthe younger population, is a direct impact of the rampant impatience of modern life, desiring immediate results and gratification.The calmness of mind is another invaluable result of practicing Yogaregularly. This calmness in turn makes you more patient while dealing with your day-to-day matters.The same principle applies when you make a financial investment. One of the key things to practice hereis patience and give your money the time it needs to grow. This is exactly how a SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) works i.e.a little patience in the beginning and trust in the process reaps fruitful results in the future.


Makes you and those around you happier

Adapting Yoga as the “way of life” creates a serene state of mind and helps in curbing depression. It leads to a significant increase in serotonin levels and a decrease in the levels of cortisol, which are the “Anxiety” hormones. Regular practice leads to greater levels of happiness and better immune function. Similarly when you regularly put a particular amount of money in savings, keep a regular check on your finances and take small steps towards financial security, it leads to long term happiness - not just for you but for people around you too. This balancing act from Yoga can be compared to an Insurance product that helps in minimizing risks and maximizing happiness resulting in complete peace of mind.


Improves flexibility

Improved flexibility is one of the first and most obvious benefits of Yoga. During your first class, you probably won't be able to touch your toes, never mind, do a backbend. But if you persevere, you'll notice a gradual flexibility in your body, and eventually, your body will respond in ways unbelievable to you– Many seemingly impossible asanaswill become possible. The same principle applies toinvestments. Initially when you’re starting out, you might not be able to invest a large sum. But it’s all about developing a habit of saving and investing. If you keep at it, gradually you’ll see you can be flexible and will get more comfortable with going slightly big with your investments.To start with, you can invest in Recurring Deposit which enables you to make a financial provision by investing a fixed amount every month for a defined period. You can also start investing smaller amounts in Mutual Funds (orSystematic Investment Plan).


Helps you relax your system

Yoga encourages you to relax, slow your breath, and focus on the present, shifting the balance from being constantly on edge to taking a breath and slowing down. As is life, the markets too are never stable. Sometimes it goes up, other times it goes down. When you have invested your money in it, it is important to keep your cool and stay relaxed when the latter happens. In times like these, controlling your breath is the key to controlling your mind. A relaxed mind helps you analyse the situation and take appropriate measures.


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