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7 Indian Wedding Theme Ideas

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A wedding with a theme is the talk of the town these days. People tend to select themes that hold a personal significance to them. However, theme weddings are not easy to pull off, considering all the unique elements that are involved in every theme. Planning your wedding in advance ensures that you have enough time to apply for personal loans and get the finances settled. Check out these unique themes to help your wedding plans:

Seashore Ceremony

Beach weddings are always elegant with the unparalleled combination of blue skies and crystal water. Seashell bouquets and silvery sand can bring an aesthetic look to the ceremony. Setting the mood with local delicacies will definitely romanticize the entire set up. Apply for personal loan and make your beach wedding dream come true.



Heart Stirring Vintage

Create an antique look to your wedding by going vintage. You can easily create a retro look by choosing an old royal castle for your wedding. Moreover, budgeting a castle based destination wedding wouldn’t be a problem when you can opt for several banks to provide you with loans for the wedding.

Ethnic Weaves

Multicultural weddings are the ones that depict Indian culture in an embracing way. Family traditions are the highlight of these weddings. The vibrancy in the atmosphere is also enhanced by lights, grand decorations, rich textured fabrics and other colourful settings. Musical performances could also add a new freshness to the entire cultural setting. Personal loans can be availed to make this auspicious occasion a memorable one.

Dreamy Bollywood

Bollywood is known to create dreamy wedding set-ups. What better way to have a wedding that incorporates the style and charisma of Bollywood? You can create the décor of the wedding right out of a movie scene and choreograph dance numbers to some hit Bollywood songs. To take it a step further, creating the groom and bride costumes inspired from a Bollywood movie would add a feather to the hat. Apply for a loan to get a financial back up for the grand wedding.

Enliven Woodland

Twilight forest is one foggy deal for a wedding! The enchanted lush green atmosphere in deep rooted night will set an unforgettable ambience in the wedding. The fairy tale effect and dim lighting could make it more mystique. Add wooden furniture and secret passages to turn it into a dream wedding location.

Cruise Through

Take the vows amidst water. Sail over the great Indian sea and have the perfect celebration. Decorate the deck with colourful strips and beads and make it more charming with flower arrangements. Celebrate your wedding in style with this unique theme. You can check for your personal loan eligibility and apply for loans, if you are concerned about the finances involved.

Soothing Snowdrift

How would you like a wedding straight out of dreams with fresh white snow all around? Winter is a season during which everything is pure and romantic as nature itself. This is what makes winter the most preferred wedding time. Imagine your wedding day in a beautifully lit room with your family around, enjoying some classical music.

With such unique themes to choose from, let your wedding be the most romantic symphony ever created!


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