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6 Tips to Protect Your Money & Credit While Traveling

Traveling will leave you dazzled and lost but losing your money or credit while traveling can lead you straight to dismay. Tourist destinations are always targeted by identity thieves and wallet snatchers.


Here are some tips that will definitely arm you with protection from any theft attempts:

1.Check Your Travel Inventory before Going on a Journey

People usually carry their wallets and purses everywhere, which contains their identity cards, debit cards or credit cards.  Ensure you apply for credit card, in case you don’t own one especially if you are going for an international trip. Avoid carrying items that you do not require while travelling. For example, you might not need all your credit cards while you travel. You should also make a list of all the items you are carrying. This way, if your wallet gets stolen, you can know which credit card companies to call. Also, it is advisable to keep your money in separate compartments or bags so that you have a back-up in case you get stuck somewhere.

2.Avoid Signing in to Financial Accounts on a Wi-Fi Connection

Usually hotels do not pay much attention to Wi-Fi security and rarely keep it up-to-date. Hackers looking to steal money might have set up a watch on Wi-Fi networks of hotels or other tourist destinations. Whenever possible, you should either use your mobile internet connection or refrain from making net-banking transactions on Wi-Fi. Furthermore, A Wi-Fi hack can also result in data theft or identity theft in future that may land you in big trouble.

3.Set Text Alerts for Every Transaction

Whether it is a credit card or a debit card that you are using, setting up text alerts helps in warning you about any fraudulent transactions that are done from your cards. Transaction alerts are generated from your bank accounts and will inform you about any suspicious activity.

4.Prefer Using Credit Cards Over Debit Cards

Debit Cards require you to enter your pin wherever you make a transaction. In case an onlooker notices your pin and other details, they can operate your account online or make fraudulent transactions. However, most of the travel credit cards protect you from any fraudulent transactions and provide re-imbursement.

5.Try Decreasing Your Daily Withdrawal or Purchase Limits

While traveling, you can make a temporary change in your withdrawal limit by contacting your bank. If you enable this facility, your bank accounts will be protected from any identity theft or debit card theft. Moreover, it also makes sure that the damages due to theft are minimized.

6.Keep a Check on Your Cards

When it comes to your credit card, you should keep it in a place that is safe as well as accessible. Furthermore, it is advisable to keep RFID protected wallets, which protects you from digital pick-pocketing. Do not leave your belongings on a ledge or a chair while you go for a dip in the beach. Ensure that any card transaction that you make, takes place in your presence.


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