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6 Essential and Evergreen Financial Planning Goals

There is a fairly popular saying that goes something like this - “What is life without goals?”

This can be altered in order to fit into the financial realm as “what is finance without financial planning goals?” It is fairly impossible to build a powerful personal portfolio without proper financial planning. Household finance is a part of everyone’s life and here are some points that might help you in developing a good understanding of how to establish effective financial goals:

1. Develop a Habit of Saving from Whatever You Earn

The first and most essential thing that needs to be done before setting any financial goal is to ensure that you save at least a part of whatever you earn. The habit of saving money will not only help you for a year or two, it will help you on a lifelong basis, especially owing to the values it helps you inculcate. Any notable step towards investing can be taken when you have a specific amount leftover after your regular expenditure.  

2. Develop a Reinforced Emergency Fund

Among all your financial management goals, one of the most essential and mature things to do is create and maintain an emergency fund. The uncertainty of life cannot be put into numbers or even words. In order to stay a step ahead of the curve, the most intelligent option is to create a well-stocked emergency fund that might take all your financial worries away.

3. Pay all Your Dues

When it comes to paying your dues, one needs to understand that it demands a level of conviction and systematic prioritization. If you do not learn how to pay off dues whenever they are asked for, this could lead to a lethal mixture of accumulated payment commitments. Everything from the compounding of interest to other basic amounts that can be easily paid off can all into this mix. This can further lead to a degradation of your credit score at the bank. Opting for a debit card instead of a credit card is another important aspect as far as it comes to developing a better way to manage your savings is concerned.

4. Create Long-Term Fixed Deposits

When it comes to investment, the fixed deposit is the safest and most potent way to invest your precious and hard-earned money as compared to all the other volatile and risky investment options. After you have paid all your existing dues, be it a car loan or a student loan or credit card debt, creating long-term fixed deposits is the way to go. This will ensure the safe compounding of your money and give you reasonable reaps.

5. Have a Smart Insurance Backup

Maintaining an insurance plan is a smart thing to do, as long as you know where the limit is. Insuring events like a medical problem, house damage and company default amongst other things might turn out be a smart and helpful decision, rather than insuring mere appliances and vehicles.

6. Have a Retirement Plan

Every one of us is bound to wake up one day and realized that we are no longer young. Along with this realization, there will surely be physical and mental limitations that hover over us from time to time during our life. Creating a fund especially for times like these will help you take care of all your financial concerns during these times.


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