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5 Common Roadside Emergencies & Dealing with Them

Roadside Emergencies

Dealing with roadside emergencies can lead to panic if you are not prepared for them. Roadside emergencies that are not dealt with properly can turn into fatal accidents.


Here are 5 common roadside emergencies & ways to deal with them:


Owner’s Manual

Owner’s manual, more often than not, is discarded as soon as a new vehicle is bought. Even if you do not want to read an owner’s manual, it is important to keep it safe in your vehicle. If your vehicle malfunctions, there is a strong chance that the manual might help you out of a panic situation.

Changing a Flat Tire

It is one of the most common roadside emergencies. You must change the tires regularly as they wear out over time. The best way to avoid tire related problems is to keep a well-functioning spare wheel and a jack in the trunk.


If you have an accident with a car or bike, then it is important to note down relevant information of the third party. For instance, driver’s license number, registration number, insurance information, car loan or bike loan information, if any. The same should be done if you witness someone’s accident. In the above case, you should also inform the police and the nearest hospital in case of damage or an emergency.

Stuck in Mud?

If your vehicle is ever stuck in the mud, you must deal with it in a calm rather than panic mode. One should not try to get out by just accelerating forward. Instead, put the vehicle in first gear and accelerate gently to move forward. After that, stop accelerating to let the vehicle roll back and then instantly accelerate to get out of the mud. Repeat it until you are out of the mud.

Overheated Engine

If your car engine becomes overheated, turn off your car and open the bonnet. Do not do anything instantly, let the engine cool down. Check the radiator’s coolant level, if it is low, re-fill it and look for a leak. If there is no leak, drive slowly while checking the temperature gauge. Get your car checked at the nearest garage.

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