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4 Investment Lessons from Game of Thrones

If you are a Game of Thrones fan, you probably keep looking up fan theories and hidden meanings on the Internet. If you look at the various events that have taken place in the TV series, you are sure to find abundant lessons on money management, investments, and businesses.

Lesson #1: Lineage is Important

In Game of Thrones, people judge your qualities based on the house that you represent whether it is Stark, Lannister, Baratheon, Martell, or Targaryen. In short, your family background is of paramount importance. When you are looking to invest in mutual funds, or a specific company, you must assess the executive team and the organizational ethics that the company represents. In order to make sure that the organization that you invest into is credible, you should definitely look into the kind of management that the organization has had, i.e. lineage of the company

Lesson #2: Winter is Coming

Just like the High Sparrow who kept warning Westeros that Winter is Coming, financial gurus around the world have been warning us of an impending financial crisis. Instead of White Walkers, we have unpredictable market conditions, however, the danger that lies in the future is imminent in both the situations. This might be a good time for you to make a savings account for your emergency funds and invest smartly into commodities that would not fluctuate with the market conditions.

Lesson #3: In the Game of Thrones, You Either Win or Die

These words were first uttered by Cersei, probably one of the most manipulative characters in the series. You must also know that when you are making risky investments, you too would have only two alternatives. You can expect to either get significant returns or lose your money altogether. You have been warned!

Lesson #4: The Iron Bank will get its Due

The penultimate quote that everyone in Westeros knows about the Iron Bank, the most powerful financial institution in the realm is that it always gets its due.  The same can be said about our Reserve Bank that manages the monetary policies, and most importantly, the minting press. If you are a retail investor, you must especially keep a check on the ongoing policies and steps taken by the Reserve Bank considering the fact that it is the one preventing any kind of financial recession or crisis from occurring.

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