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3 Tips for Your Abroad Study Application

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If you are getting an opportunity to study abroad, every step right from the application form, to essays, SOPs and interviews, is crucial in securing a place in the course you are aiming for. After you have secured an admission, financing your education is the most vital parameter that must be considered. We have accumulated a list of all the things you must consider before and after applying for studies abroad.


Personal loans, student loans, scholarships, and financial aids are most commonly preferred means of financing an overseas education. Student loans fall in the same category of unsecured loans like personal loans and are granted based on the credentials of a student. The benefit of educational loans is that they are customized for education, so they cover all the major expenses that are incurred during the course. Moreover, the interest paid on education loans can also be claimed for tax deduction under Section 80E of the Income Tax Act. The structure of educational loans provides the flexibility of repayment of loan within 5 years or even more, after the course ends.

Using the money available in your Savings Account or Fixed Deposits is also another option. But since savings account money is easily accessible during an emergency, it is not advisable to use it for paying college fees.

Various scholarships are also offered like merit-based scholarships, government grants, and university scholarships. Scholarship amount can include tuition as well as on-campus accommodation costs. Universities also have financial aid offices that assist students in availing monetary assistance that covers their tuition fees.

Application Essays

A good score in mandatory entrance tests like IELTS and TOEFL is an added advantage, but the application essays are what matter the most. Your essays must be a striking reflection of your ambitions. The writing must demonstrate your enthusiasm for the course and university. Don’t refrain from adding any extra projects that you have undertaken which are relevant to your course. It shows that you have invested time into the subject and are serious about considering it as a full-time career. Get your essays proofread with more than one person in order to gain additional perspective and improve its quality.

Research is the Key

List down your course preferences and then look at the universities which offer that course. It is not necessary that a reputed university always offers well-structured courses. Connect with alumni, research the course contents and keep all your options open. Restricting yourself to a few top universities might make you lose out on several good options, if you haven’t conducted a thorough research. Let your interest in the course be reflected at every step of the admission process. Admission committees always look for passionate individuals if they are going to offer them fee waivers.

We are sure that once you have worked towards all the above-mentioned aspects, your overseas study applications would be a cakewalk.

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