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10 Things Every NRI Says When He is in India

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For every NRI, returning back to the country is a wave of nostalgia. When an NRI comes to India, there are some things that they are bound to say. Here is a list of ten such things that one can her from every NRI in India:

“Earn there, Invest Here”

Considering the value of money in other countries, people choose to invest in India rather than in foreign countries. This is due to the spread in foreign exchange value of the currency considering these the countries. So most NRIs prefers to invest in India since they can attain more than what they can have in their respective earning countries. Indian banks support NRI investments in the country through various schemes and policies.

“Food, Food and Food”

NRIs mostly have a crush over Indian food. These food cravings are more prominent for the home-made food and traditional dishes. Inaccessibility to some of their favorite foods with the same taste abroad, makes them go head over heels for the plethora of food items they can eat when in India.

“Friends, Family and Happiness”

When NRIs get back to India, the happiness of reuniting with their family and friends in unparalleled. They try to do everything possible to ensure that even without them being around, their family is safe and secure. One such way is to get an NRI account and make sure that their family always has the financial back-up whenever needed.

“There is always space”

NRIs love the homely feeling they get when they are in India. Taking a break from their busy lives overseas and coming back home to feel welcomed everywhere is a feeling that cannot be put to words. Every day they are either asked to come over for dinner at a relative’s place or stay over at a friend’s house. There is always room for loved ones in India, a feeling NRIs yearn for, abroad.

“It’s a matter of Emotions”

For Indians who stay out of the country, native land is more than a feeling. People prefer coming back for these cultural and nostalgic feelings. They always take time out to come back home every once in a while. Opening an NRI account in India can just be one of the reasons for them to pay frequent visits to their homeland.

“Festivals are festivals only in India”

Celebration of festivals is yet another event where everyone comes together to enjoy the happy moments in life. India being a land of festivals, NRIs love the aura and vibes around them in festive season.

“Law is not as tricky”

The laws are simple and easy to comprehend even for NRIs who invest in the country. Moreover, to encourage NRIs to invest more, the government has also designed several lucrative policies. As a result, NRI investments are more feasible in India and they are undertaken by a lot of NRIs.

“Ayurveda and Relaxation”

India is known for the Ayurveda advancement as it provides better relaxation. Once in a while, when every NRI comes to India, they try out these Ayurveda treatments for relaxation and peace of mind.

“Natural Home Remedies are the best”

India’s traditional culture in medicines has always led to people preferring home remedies over antibiotics. These home remedies are less expensive and a lot of times are more effective as well.

“Spirituality at its best”

India is best known for its spirituality as there is huge importance of religion and beliefs. The spiritual aura of India drives a lot of NRIs and even other foreign citizens to explore the country.

Investing in one’s own country is always more satisfying than investing anywhere else. So, find the best NRI investment options in India to invest your earnings abroad.


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