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10 Things Every NRI Mom Fears

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Whether you live in India or abroad, it is imbibed in every Indian mom’s nature, to be worried about her children. The fear of the safety of children increases when they are living seven seas apart. Here is a list of things Indian moms fear for their child:

Not Getting Indian food

Every NRI mom is worried that her child is not getting enough Indian food. They fear that their child depends on frozen foods or outside meals, instead of home-cooked ones.

Being Sick

Moving abroad changes most of the things; from weather to surroundings everything is different. In such extreme changes, it is easy to fall sick. It becomes even more difficult when a flu cannot get you a sick leave at work and your health ends up worsening.


Insecure Future

As an NRI, you need to invest in your future. There are various options for NRI investment such as opening an NRI account in an Indian bank to invest in equity, mutual funds, and real estate. Moms fear that their child won’t start saving early and would be burdened with expenses of living alone in a foreign country.

Making Mistakes

Indians are accustomed to having a safety net in their homeland, which is why they are used to making mistakes and learning from them. However, moms fear that in unknown lands, these mistakes might cost their child their entire future.

Missing Festivals

NRI mothers feel their child would lose touch with the traditions and customs of India when they miss festivals. Even though there are celebrations abroad on festivals, they do not have the same zeal as the celebrations in India.

Unaffordable Medical Care

Living in a different country has its own set of pros and cons. Expensive medical care is one of the cons for NRIs. However, saving through NRI banking in NRE/NRO accounts in India can help you save for unexpected expenses while you earn.

Working on their Own

It’s common to find maids in India who help with household chores. But, NRIs have to do everything themselves while maintaining a full-time job. The burden of work can be stressful for NRIs and that is one of the things moms fear.

Cultural Shock

NRI moms are closely connected to Indian forums and customs. The fear of change in their child’s lifestyle is always persistent. No mom wants their child to forget their roots.

Peer Pressure

Moms always wish that their child is not influenced into doing anything wrong by friends or colleagues. The fear becomes more prominent when the child is alone and there is not much that parents can do from a different country.

Language Barrier

Language can be a barrier for NRIs if they are not fluent in English, especially in a place where regional language is preferred. In such cases, their child not being able to adapt is a constant fear in the mind of every mother.


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