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YES ROBOT is your 24*7 Personal Banking Chat Assistant. Just open Facebook Messenger on your mobile phone, search for YES ROBOT and start chatting. You can also interact with YES ROBOT on the website by clicking on the icon at the bottom right of the screen

You can check balance, recent transactions, send money, recharge your phone, pay your bills, book FD/RD, check loan eligibility, manage credit card, hotlist debit card and apply for 25+YES BANK products and services on YES ROBOT.

key attractions

Personal Banking Assistant

YES ROBOT helps you do a host of financial & non-financial banking transactions.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Enabled

Industry first AI enabled banking bot – the bot is equipped to answer a host of YES BANK products & services related queries.

Available 24*7 On-the-Go

Access your bank account, Transfer Funds, Pay Bills, Book FD/RD, Ask your service queries & more 24*7

features and benefits

25+ Banking Services

With 25+ banking services on your YES BANK Bot, we’ve got your banking services covered!


Features of YES ROBOT:

  • YES ROBOT is equipped to answer your banking related queries anytime, anywhere, without the hassle of waiting on call or searching online.
  • With its artificial intelligence, YES ROBOT understands your needs and casually interacts with you to solve your problems.
  • YES ROBOT remembers the last bills you paid and recharges you made to help you fast track payments. 
  • You can instantly check your loan eligibility with the help of YES ROBOT’s intuitive ‘Loans’ feature and apply for a loan within minutes.
  • You can hotlist your debit card with a few clicks, anytime.

Financial Transactions on YES ROBOT

  1. Send Money to Registered Beneficiaries (Limit : INR 5000)
  2. Recharge Mobile Phone or DTH
  3. Pay Bills
  4. Book Fixed/Recurring Deposits
  5. Manage your Credit Card

Non – Financial Transactions on YES ROBOT

  1. Check Balance
  2. Recent Transactions
  3. Add/ View/ Delete Biller
  4. Stop Cheque Payment
  5. Order Cheque Book
  6. Order Account Statement
  7. Hot List Debit Card
  8. Locate ATM/ Branch/ BNA
  9. Loan Eligibility
  10. Apply for YES BANK Products & Services
  11. Contact YES BANK (Call Us / Write to Us)

NO App Download

Use your most preferred messaging platform, Facebook Messenger, to access YES ROBOT. No need to download or log into any app!

Getting Started

Just open Facebook Messenger in your mobile phone, search for YES ROBOT & start chatting. You may also interact with YES ROBOT on the website by clicking on the icon at the bottom right of the screen


Access YES ROBOT on Facebook Messenger:

Step 1: Open Facebook Messenger.

Step 2: Search for YES ROBOT

Step 3: Say ‘Hi’ and Start Chatting! You can:

  • Customer Service – Get your queries answered by the Bot

  • Calculate Eligibility & Apply for Commercial Assets Products

  • Apply for Savings 20+ YES BANK products

  • Locate nearest YES BANK ATM/ BNA/ Branch

Step 4: Registration- For non-financial transaction, register by entering your YES BANK Customer ID & mobile number registered with the Bank. OTP will be sent to registered mobile phone. After OTP authentication, non-financial transactions such as check balance, recent transactions, order statement, etc. can be done.

Step 5: Second Factor Authentication - For any financial transaction, you are required to do second factor authentication using your secret MPIN. Transactions that require second factor authentication are:

  • Fund Transfer (Registered Beneficiaries with a Daily & Per Transaction Limit of INR 5000)

  • Pay Bills

  • Book FD/RD

  • Manage Credit Card

  • Recharge Phone & DTH

  • Hotlist Debit Card

  • Add Biller

  • Delete Biller


Access YES ROBOT on YES BANK Website:


You can interact with YES ROBOT on the website by clicking on the icon at the bottom right of the screen

Safety & Security

YES ROBOT is safe & highly secure. Click below to know more.


To ensure security of your account information & all your transactions, multiple security features have been built into YES ROBOT:

  1. It uses end to end SSL encryption for all information transfers.
  2. All financial transactions are protected by a secret MPIN, known only to the registered customer. This MPIN is generated by the user through YES BANK mobile banking application YES MOBILE.
  3. Every time you enter your MPIN for a financial transaction, it is authenticated by the bank in an encrypted format to authorize the transaction.
  4.  YES ROBOT is configured with a daily transaction limit of INR 5,000.

Instant Loan Assistance

Yes ROBOT helps you check your loan eligibility for commercial retail assets and instantly connects you with a bank representative based on your interest. 


Have any other query?

Q. Who/ what is YES ROBOT?

YES ROBOT is your personal banking assistant, available anytime, on-the-go. It uses artificial intelligence to help you bank 24*7. YES ROBOT is accessible through the applications and interfaces that you already use – such as Facebook Messenger and YES BANK website.


Q. What can YES ROBOT do?

YES ROBOT is your personal banking assistant that helps you do financial and non-financial transactions on Facebook Messenger and YES BANK website. What’s more, YES ROBOT can instantly help you with information on different banking products and also answer your banking queries 24*7 anywhere around the globe.

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