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What is Positive Pay

Positive Pay allows reconfirmation of cheque details once a cheque has been issued. Customers have to provide the basic details of cheque like Account number, Date of cheque, Cheque number etc. on

When the beneficiary submits the cheque for encashment, details of the cheque are validated against the details filled by customer on positive pay portal and hence acting as additional layer of security.

Any discrepancy is flagged by CTS to both drawee and presenting bank and the same will be referred to the customer for validation.



YES Bank Customers issuing cheques of any amount which are deposited by beneficiary through other banks can do a positive pay via YES Service Portal


Cheque Details Required:

  • Account Number

  • Cheque Number

  • Payee Name

  • Cheque Amount

  • Cheque date

  • Transaction Code

  • MICR Code

  • Short Account Number

*Refer image above for description of input fields


Steps to avail YES BANK Positive Pay

Step 1: Click here OR Visit > Login > Yes Service Portal > Get started

Step 2: Authenticate yourself with 2 identifiers (DOB, CUST ID, PAN, Mobile No.) & OTP

Step 3: Fill in the cheque details and submit


Terms & Conditions:

  • It is advised to fill positive pay at the time of issuance of cheques. Cheques already cleared before doing positive pay will not be validated

  • To enable validation through Positive Pay, cheque details should be available with the bank a day prior to cheque presentation date

  • Availing of Positive Pay solution is at the discretion of customers. It is, however, recommended that customers avail this facility for all cheques valued Rs 5,00,000 and above

  • Cheques wherein there is a mismatch between Positive Pay information and actual cheque received for clearing would be referred to the customers ( Direct Rejection of cheque will not happen)

  • Cheques updated on Positive Pay may still be rejected due to signature mismatch

  • Positive pay can be done only once for a cheque

  • Positive pay is currently valid only for cheques deposited in Non- YES Bank accounts. Currently, YES Bank cheques cleared through YES bank branches will not be validated for positive pay

  • Only cheques that are compliant with the Positive Pay system will be accepted under RBI dispute resolution mechanism between the presenting and paying banks

  • In case of non-individual entities any one of the authorized signatories can submit a Positive Pay request for a cheque issued from the account

key attractions

No Pre-Registration

Users can submit a Positive Pay requires directly without any registration lead time

Simple Process

Login > Authenticate > Submit Cheque details


Positive pay can be done for cheque payments of any amount

features and benefits


- Secure your cheques against possible fraud

- Submit your request in a secure manner through a two factor authentication

24 * 7 Accessibility

Positive Pay can be done 24*7, however the details filled after 6pm will be processed the next day

No Additional Charges

Currently this service is offered without any additional charge to the customer


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