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Netbanking Registration



You can do Instant Registration through Debit Card and PIN to carry out banking transactions online using choice of device, conveniently and comfortably from your home or office. All this is possible because of the state-of-the-art internet banking facilities offered by YES BANK.

To register for YES BANK NetBanking using YES BANK Debit Card & ATM PIN:

  1. Log on to
  2. In the NetBanking section, select "Retail" and click on "Login"
  3. Click on the link "Register Online/First Time Users"
  4. Enter your Customer ID, Debit Card Number & ATM PIN
  5. Create your NetBanking Password
  6. Click on "Register Online"

Proceed to registration

In case you have not applied for a YES BANK Debit Card:

  1. Apply for Retail NetBanking by filling the Channel Registration form and submitting the same to the nearest YES BANK branch
  2. Log on to
  3. In the NetBanking section, select "Retail" and click on "Login"
  4. Click on the link "Register Online/First Time Users"
  5. Enter your Customer ID and NetBanking password received through post
  6. Change your password immediately after logging into NetBanking

Proceed to registration

To register for YES BANK NetBanking using YES BANK Credit Card:

  1. Click on the Login tab on the top right section of this page
  2. In the NetBanking section, select "Credit Cards " and click on "GET STARTED"
  3. Click on the link " Register Using Credit Card"
  4. Enter your YES BANK Credit Card number, Date of Birth and Expiry Date
  5. Create a login id and password of your choice
  6. Click on "Register Online"
  7. An OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number
  8. Upon successful validation of the OTP, the registration process will be complete

Proceed to registration


The login id must be unique. If another customer has the same login id already registered, it cannot be used.

Please keep the following instructions in mind while creating a secured password for NetBanking:

  1. Length of the password should be between 10 to 14 characters
  2. Password should contain at least one lowercase & one uppercase alphabet
  3. Password should contain atleast one numeric character
  4. Password should contain atleast one special character from the following !~^;:?=@#%${}|[]_()*,-.
  5. Password should NOT contain any space between the characters

Steps to claim Discount Coupons after NetBanking Registration:

  1. Register for Retail NetBanking
  2. Receive a RNB registration SMS. This SMS will contain a password as well as url of microsite
  3. Visit YES BANK Coupon microsite and enter the password
  4. Select the Coupons as per your choice
  5. Enter Mobile Number and E-mail ID
  6. Selected Coupons will be e-mailed directly by Coupondunia
  7. Access the coupon received in the e-mail and redeem at the merchant website

Important to Note:

For Current Account customers (Public Ltd/Private Ltd/Partnership):

  • Board Resolution/Declaration in the name of authorized signatory in YES BANK format is required in addition to channel registration form
  • Authorized Signatory (AUS) ID needs to be entered as the User Id

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Why should you use NetBanking?

Net Banking is like having access to branch at any time and being able to get a lot of services that you get in a branch at your PC.

With YES BANK Net Banking, you can view all the transactions in your banking accounts, such as account balance, transfer funds between YES BANK accounts and other bank accounts, open fixed deposits, stop cheque payments, request new cheque books, request statements, view TDS details and many more such services.

You can save a lot of time by being able to bank as per your convenience. All that you need to start using Net Banking is an internet connection and login details.


What all banking activities I can do within Net Banking?

You can view your account balance, account statement, account activity and account details. You can also view the status of the cheques that you have issued online. All these services are completely up to date to the last minute.

You can transfer funds between your accounts or third party accounts with YES BANK and between Other bank accounts. You can also set up standing instructions for these transfers for a fixed amount to be executed automatically at fixed intervals.

You can also request for a new cheque book, a printed statement delivery and stop payment of cheques.

You can view the details of all your fixed deposits with YES BANK, open new fixed deposits online and even view the TDS for all the deposits.


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