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Net Banking Services

NetBanking Services

NetBanking is an Internet-powered banking solution to serve you anytime, anywhere.From paying bills to updating contact information, or transferring money across different accounts – nationally or internationally – NetBankingwith YES BANK brings all these services, and many more, at your fingertips. NetBanking include multiple services to bring convenience at your figure tips, these include Financial Services, Informational Services, Service Request, Other Services.

Financial Services

  • Transfer funds between your accounts,or third party accounts held with YES BANK or any other Banks
  • Facility to set up standing instructions for transferring fixed amount automatically at specific intervals
  • Transfer money to any selected bank branch within India, instantly through IMPS (24x7x365)
  • Online Booking of Fixed Deposits, Recurring Deposits and Goal Based Savings
  • Pay your bills online for utilities such as electricity, telephone bills, subscription payments, charity, etc.
  • Purchase new Mutual Fund units, redeem existing units, make SIP requests or cancel SIP requests

Informational Services

  • View your account balance, account statement, account activity and account details, updated on real-time basis
  • View the details of all your fixed deposits and recurring deposits with YES BANK online and even view the TDS details for interests earned on fixed deposits
  • View the status of the cheques that you have issued
  • View all your investments, current portfolio value, NAVs, etc. with MFOnline
  • View your average quarterly balance, schedule of charges and contact details of relationship manager

Service Request

  • Request for account statement, cheque books and debit card
  • Update your PAN and Nominee registration details
  • Register for Combined, flexi-frequency e-statements and Fixed Deposit e-advice
  • Download Deposit Slip, Form 16 A TDS certificate and Gujarat Govt VAT(Challan)
  • Download YES BANK Mobile Banking application

Other Services

  • Quick Bill Payment using YES PayNow
  • Online Donation to religious and charitable institutions
  • Ecommerce payments option using YES BANK Net Banking on multiple websites

Benefits of NetBanking at YES BANK

We are undergoing a transformation regarding handling of finances. A cash-free environment that promotes transparency with enhanced accessibility to meet international trends and standards. NetBanking provides innumerable benefits over the traditional, physical visit to a local branch.

Convenience:The convenience of making payments online is one of the many features of NetBanking. You can also wire transfer money to another person having an account in the same or different bank – nationally, through National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT), or globally. It is also possible to request account statements, update contact details related to your account, request to activate or de-activate services offered by the bank, check your account details online, make payments for shopping, or book hotels. These, and countless more reasons, are sufficient to emphasise the importance of online banking in this age.

Multitude of Tools : With the increasing development of NetBanking, YES BANK offers a plethora of tools for its customers to better manage their finances. Online loan calculators, budget predictions, analytical tools to aid investments, trading tools for equity, tax calculators and countless other such marks are the evolution of online banking.

Truly Mobile : To take NetBanking a notch ahead, YES BANK has implemented the same services for all major mobile platforms. All of the above-mentioned benefits can be availed irrespective of the electronic computer you own – desktop, laptop, tablet or a smartphone. Mobile banking enhances the accessibility factor of your banking needs and proves to be an essential element related to your financial needs.

Eco-friendly : Online banking diminishes the need for paper-based documentation since everything is electronically handled. There is also no need to physically travel to the branch, which prevents air pollution that otherwise would have occurred due to transportation. These little details would have a major impact towards preserving and restoring our environment.

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Documents Required

  • Partnership Declaration Format for Existing customers
  • BoardResolutionFormatforExistingCustomers
  • Registration Form Individual
  • Registration Form Non Individual
  • Prepaid Cards T&Cs - Loan Disbursement, General Purpose Reloadable, Remittance

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Why should you use NetBanking?

Net Banking is like having access to branch at any time and being able to get a lot of services that you get in a branch at your PC.

With YES BANK Net Banking, you can view all the transactions in your banking accounts, such as account balance, transfer funds between YES BANK accounts and other bank accounts, open fixed deposits, stop cheque payments, request new cheque books, request statements, view TDS details and many more such services.

You can save a lot of time by being able to bank as per your convenience. All that you need to start using Net Banking is an internet connection and login details.


What all banking activities I can do within Net Banking?

You can view your account balance, account statement, account activity and account details. You can also view the status of the cheques that you have issued online. All these services are completely up to date to the last minute.

You can transfer funds between your accounts or third party accounts with YES BANK and between Other bank accounts. You can also set up standing instructions for these transfers for a fixed amount to be executed automatically at fixed intervals.

You can also request for a new cheque book, a printed statement delivery and stop payment of cheques.

You can view the details of all your fixed deposits with YES BANK, open new fixed deposits online and even view the TDS for all the deposits.

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