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Bill Payments

Bill Payments

YES BANK's Online Bill Payments facility is a convenient service for receiving and paying your bills online.

You can now view and pay your bills online, directly from your YES BANK account at anytime. This service is available in various cities across the country, for payments to billers who accept online payments. There are two types of payment that can be made:

  1. Payments to Registered Billers: You need to add these Billers by using the "Add Biller" option. Simply register your biller details and wait for your bill to appear online. You will be notified about the presentment of your online bill by SMS / Email on your registered mobile number & Email ID.

    YES BANK Bill Pay+: You can also choose the "Bill Pay+" instruction for YES BANK to debit your account and make payments to the service provider on your behalf.
    YES BANK Bill Pay+ is akin to an e-standing instruction that keeps a tab on your bills and due dates, so that you can altogether stop taking the effort to track your due dates, and simplify your life.

    • The Bill Pay+Edge: Bill Pay+ gives you:
      • Flexibility: Choose to Auto Pay your due amount in full or up to a pre-specified limit
      • Total control: Keep a tab on Bill payments made through YES BANK account - Get FREE Reminders and Payment confirmation alerts over SMS /Email

Further, you can Set / Modify / Delete the "Auto Pay" instruction as per your requirement.

  1. One Time Payments to Billers: These are the billers who accept payment without registration. The "One-Time Pay" option button appears when you want to pay your bills. This facility depends on whether the Biller accepts a one-time payment or not. It takes around 3 working days for the payment to be credited with the Biller against your bill. When adding a Biller, it takes a few days depending on the Biller's registration cycle.

You can also view / modify the SMS and Email alerts set for any addition/deletion of biller, success / failure of payment or for receiving any new bill in your account.

Using YES BANK's Bill Payments Facility is EASY!

  • Log on to YES BANK Internet Banking and click on the "Bill Payments" post successful login

  • To add a new Biller, click on the "Add biller" link on the left hand side navigation bar. Select your location & the service provider across Mobile,Telephone, Electricity, Insurance, Charity, Donations, Subscriptions, etc

  • Provide the necessary information online to enroll yourself with the Biller for the service

  • You can either do a one time payment without registration (depending on the biller registration process) or register for future online bill payments

  • You can even choose to activate the "Auto Pay" facility for your bills, as per your preferred option

  • Further, you can also set up the SMS/email alerts for your bills

Click here to pay your bill instantly.

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Documents Required

  • Partnership Declaration Format for Existing customers
  • BoardResolutionFormatforExistingCustomers
  • Registration Form Individual
  • Registration Form Non Individual

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Why should you use NetBanking?

Net Banking is like having access to branch at any time and being able to get a lot of services that you get in a branch at your PC.

With YES BANK Net Banking, you can view all the transactions in your banking accounts, such as account balance, transfer funds between YES BANK accounts and other bank accounts, open fixed deposits, stop cheque payments, request new cheque books, request statements, view TDS details and many more such services.

You can save a lot of time by being able to bank as per your convenience. All that you need to start using Net Banking is an internet connection and login details.


What all banking activities I can do within Net Banking?

You can view your account balance, account statement, account activity and account details. You can also view the status of the cheques that you have issued online. All these services are completely up to date to the last minute.

You can transfer funds between your accounts or third party accounts with YES BANK and between Other bank accounts. You can also set up standing instructions for these transfers for a fixed amount to be executed automatically at fixed intervals.

You can also request for a new cheque book, a printed statement delivery and stop payment of cheques.

You can view the details of all your fixed deposits with YES BANK, open new fixed deposits online and even view the TDS for all the deposits.

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