Important Notice

Dear Customer,

NEFT Services are available from 8:00 AM IST to 6:45 PM IST Monday to Friday and on working Saturdays (excluding second and fourth Saturdays of every month)


Security Tips

  • In case of premature withdrawal, maturity amount will be applicable for the completed tenor subject to penalty, taxes and other dues ( if any).

  • Due to system maintenance, request you to clear the cache of your browser to seamlessly access YES BANK’s corporate net banking service. If you face any issue, kindly contact your Relationship Manager/ Product Sales Manager or send an email to along with your contact details.

  • ALWAYS type the address of Internet Banking portal ( in the address bar of your browser using your keyboard rather than clicking on hyperlink. Avoid usage of internet banking from Cyber Cafe or un-trusted computers.

  • YES BANK will NEVER ask you to reveal your User ID or Password. Therefore, never disclose your credentials (User ID, Password, etc.) to anyone either through mail or over phone ,even if the caller claims to be from YES BANK. If you receive any mail asking you to update or authenticate your User ID/Password, please DO NOT fall into the trap of entering your Password. All such queries should be assumed to be fraudulent, and ignored as well as reported back to the Bank immediately.

  • NEVER click on hyperlinks embedded / received in E-mails. If by mistake you click on any hyperlink in an E-mail, DO NOT type your User ID / Password in the pages that open by clicking on such links.