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Slim Sim Based Mobile Payments

Make easy transactions, even without the internet!

Slim Sim Based Mobile Payments

Focused on Co-Operative Banks and Regional Rural Banks

The YES PAYMENTS SIM Sleeve is a wafer-thin sticker which can be stuck on any type of SIM card of any Telco service provider – Standard, Micro and Nano. This sticker installs a SIM Tool Kit (STK) based app which can be accessed by the consumer on ANY mobile phone without the need for internet connectivity.

This YES PAYMENTS wafer is linked to a Prepaid Wallet which can be loaded by the consumer to perform various types of transactions. The transactions are performed using a patented encrypted SMS technology to communicate with the servers of the Bank.

Following are the transactions currently offered in the program:

  • Person to Person (P2P) fund transfers
  • Person to Account (P2A) fund transfers using NEFT and IMPS
  • Check balances
  • Check last few transactions
  • Payments to anyone using a mobile number/email ID
  • Payments to merchant for small and large value purchases
  • Payment of bills; top-ups, recharges, etc.

The YES BANK Advantage

  • Works with ANY mobile phone (Feature or Smart)
  • Works with ANY Telco (independent of the underlying SIM Card)
  • Works without any need for Internet Connectivity
  • Works at any time of the day with a simple User Interface
  • Cost is extremely low per transaction
  • Patented Secure Encrypted SMS technology


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yes pay wallet

Digital Wallet with free Virtual card and UPI which can be used to send/receive money, mobile/DTH recharge, pay bills and much more

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